Easy DIY Choo Choo Train Cake

After researching different web sites for train cakes, I have decided to take the best ideas add my own and create what I hoped will be a wonderful cake. I was very happy with the end results of this choo choo train cake.

I started by using two cake mixes, pouring them into two square pans and one empty, washed, dried and greased fruit can to create a cylinder. The square pans can be any size depending on how many cars you want your train to have.

I wrapped a large glass cutting board in foil and laid the tracks in a curve. The tracks were wide brown wafers that I found at the Dollar Tree. After chilling the cakes, I have cut the square ones into four cars allowing the first one to be slightly longer. I did shape the front of the first car by cutting it in an angle creating a triangular front.

I then frosted each car in a different color and laid them on the track. I took the cake mix that was baked in the can and cut a piece of it out to make it fit nicely on top of the first car after I frosted it. Instead of throwing away the left over piece, I frosted it too and put it on top of the last car.

The wheels for the train were Oreo cookies, pretzels enhanced the front of the train, an orange gum drop served as the front light placed on top of a chocolate chip cookie and a marshmallow that I frosted and placed on the top was the train chimney.

To make the smoke I used Pop corn that I threaded on an open paper clip. The third car carried the 3 birthday candles and the second car carried a plastic giraffe I found in my son’s toy box (I promise I washed it first!).

A few more M&m’s for decor and gravel made out of Coco Puffs cereal completed it all. The look on my 3 year old son’s face when he first saw it was priceless. In ten days he’ll turn 4 and I am on to my next cake.



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