Around the World Travel Cake

This Around the World Travel cake was inspired by my sweet nephew. He has been planning his “world party” for about nine months. He is turning seven and is a huge fan of coffee, chocolate, and cooking shows. His love of coffee and chocolate inspired me to make a cake that really knocked is socks off!

The suitcase layer is made of chocolate fudge cake with a homemade chocolate mocha ganache. I then iced that layer with homemade chocolate butter creme frosting. Before the frosting set I used a wadded plastic bag to press in the leather-like texture into the suitcase. I then iced to dome shaped cakes that I had baked in bowls and pressed them together to create the world sphere cake. I find that it is much easier to work with frozen cakes.

A knife was used to frost on the land ans sea masses with an added weather system or two done in white to evoke clouds being viewed from space. The suitcase corners, travel stickers, handle, and flying airplane are all made of homemade modeling chocolate. Other small details were added using metallic food paint and food color marker brushes. When the boy tasted this cake he gave it a ten! I also heard him talking about it during the party with his friends and that made the day I spent working on this so worth every moment!

The airplane was attached with wire

Bottom of the suitcase