This was a cake that I made on Christmas day.  It was due the next day and we were leaving on vacation the next day.  The worst part?  My friend was delivering it!

This was a surprise cake from the daughter of a lady turning 50.  She is a passionate traveler, loved tea and tea cups and tulips.  So I figured out a way to get it all in there.

The cake was 9×13 and about 4” tall. The stickers were printed on edible paper using edible ink. I thought they came out wonderfully.  I downloaded vintage travel stickers and was able to find a few.  She loves Paris, NY and London and I thought I had found some good ones.  They aren’t as easy to find as I thought.

I made a passport with gum paste. The belts on the vintage suitcase were made to look like weathered leather.  The vase was gum paste as well. I put a thick sheet of gum paste around a tube and pulled the top ½ inch out. I left it to dry for several days since it had to hold the tulips weight and travel.  I brushed pearl dust over the entire surface and put a gold ridge around the top.

But the best part was the tea cup. Apparently she collects tea cups. I was sent a picture of her favorite tea cup.  I purchased a tea cup at a Good Will for $1 so that I had something to use as a mold. I am not an artist at all so I did what I could to “paint” the design onto the cup and saucer.

They were thrilled. It was a total surprise for the mom and they did a really nice party for her.  She was so touched that they put her interests into one cake.  This is by far one of my favorites.