Around the World Travel Cake

Planet Earth Cake

This Around the World Travel cake was inspired by my sweet nephew. He has been planning his “world party” for about nine months. He is turning seven and is a huge fan of coffee, chocolate, and cooking shows. His love of coffee and chocolate inspired me to make a cake that really knocked is socks off! … Read more

Coolest Earth Turtle Fairy Birthday Cake

Homemade Earth Turtle Fairy Birthday Cake

My daughter’s birthday is the day before Earth Day, so she decided to have an Earth Day Birthday party (complete with garbage walk!). Her idea for her cake was to have a turtle with the earth as its shell. This cake was designed to include her sister’s fairy theme for a combined party so I … Read more

Coolest World Globe Cake

Homemade World Globe Cake

I made this World Globe Cake for my little sister’s graduation party. We’re “Navy brats” and have traveled a lot, so I thought this would be a fitting cake for her party. I cooked one cake mix (dark chocolate fudge) for each of the the top and bottom halves in a “soccer ball” cake pan. … Read more

Coolest Around the World Cake

Around the World Cake

I made this Around the world cake for a co-worker. It was his wife’s birthday and she was from the Philippines and came to the United States to live. He wanted a world cake with an airplane on it and he wanted a few landmarks marked. He wanted it to say “You were here” marked … Read more

Coolest Earth Cake

Earth Cake

My son, Max, was turning six and wanted an “imagination” party. He wanted the cake to reflect all the things he was passionate about, so he asked for the Earth, all the planets, dinosaurs, a volcano, and Superman! So, here it is! The Earth cake is made from a half round cake and covered in … Read more

Coolest Earth Day Cake

Homemade Earth Day Cake

This Earth Day cake may not be geographically correct but it was fun, yummy and educational. The mold used was a sports ball mold you can purchased at any craft store. I used 1 1/2 cans of store bought vanilla frosting, 3/4 for the outside dyed blue, 1/4 dyed green for the continents and half … Read more

Coolest Earth-Shaped Birthday Cake Decoration Idea

Coolest Birthday Cake Decoration Idea

This Earth-shaped birthday cake decoration idea was for my Mom’s 75th birthday. We had just recently come home from a trip to Venice, Greece and Paris with mom. So I had an idea that I would create one of those unique birthday cakes and give her the world on a platter. For the “World” I … Read more