Solar System Cake without Food Coloring

Solar System Cake

My daughter loves everything related to the space, so she decided her birthday theme would be the space, with a Solar System cake. We reviewed lots of space cakes’ pictures, and researched the planets – colors, sizes, ratio between them… I baked a circle shaped cake, covered it with chocolate and drew the orbit of the … Read more

Coolest Solar System Cake

Coolest Solar System Cake

I made this solar system cake for my son who loves planets. This was the second time I made the solar system for his birthday so I wanted to top myself. The year before I put a clock motor into a cake to make the cake into a working clock. I wanted to use the … Read more

Coolest Space Rocket Cake

Rocket Cake

My son was obsessed with all things space. Rockets, planets, moons….space aliens. When his birthday rolled around I knew just what to create… a rocket cake. It couldn’t be just any rocket cake. It had to be amazing! He has seen so many cute kid’s cakes and had developed a bit of an attitude about … Read more

The Sky’s the Limit Shuttle Cake

The Sky's the Limit Shuttle Cake

I made this for a client who was throwing an outer space birthday party for her son. I make her children’s cakes every year, and each year she pushes the bounds of my creativity. This year she was doing an outer space theme. The invitations invited the kids to “Blast off”!  I borrowed some of … Read more

ATV Spaceship Cake with Interior (Cutout) View

ATV Spaceship Cake with Interior (Cutout) View

Chocolate Delivery for the Space Station! I want to share with you this cake I made for coworkers last week. I work for the European Space Agency on their space vehicle that supplies the International Space Station with cargo. It’s called the ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle). We have one final mission this year (ATV 5) … Read more

Out-of-This-World Rocket Ship Cake

Out-of-This-World Rocket Ship Cake

This little guy was having his 3rd birthday party at Mid-Air Adventures where kids could go flying through the air on ziplines and ropes. His fascination with flying extends beyond the outer rim, so his mom asked for a rocket ship cake. The cake base is covered with butter cream and then fondant, which I … Read more

Coolest Rocket Cake

Coolest Rocket Cake

I made this rocket cake for my friend’s 5 year old genius boy who became one of the top 10 in a Lego competition. He made a rocket there. So his mom wanted a rocket cake for him. I made an Orange Chiffon cake and covered it with white chocolate butter cream frosting. I used … Read more

Around the World Travel Cake

Planet Earth Cake

This Around the World Travel cake was inspired by my sweet nephew. He has been planning his “world party” for about nine months. He is turning seven and is a huge fan of coffee, chocolate, and cooking shows. His love of coffee and chocolate inspired me to make a cake that really knocked is socks off! … Read more

Old Fashioned Rocket Cake

Old Fashioned Rocket Cake

For my twin boy’s 6th birthday, they wanted a space theme, so I decided on a rocket cake.  We had a big crowd coming, so I knew we could do something large and impressive.  The cake requires a little bit of carpentry to get started. The cake is elevated on an 8-inch wood circle from … Read more

Out of this World Spaceship Cake

Starry Night- in Outer Space!

My son recently turned five, and is totally in awe of all things outer space: planets, comets, stars, rocket ships, astronauts, etc. For Christmas I made him an astronaut costume- which he loved, and wore the day of his birthday party- and as far as his 5th birthday party was concerned, I knew I would … Read more

Coolest Solar System Birthday Cake

Coolest Solar System Birthday Cake

My solar system birthday cake started out small and grew really fast. It was fun to figure out the effects and special characters. I used poured sugar, cake, cake balls, candy and a ton of time to create a cake a young boy would love. All the planets are made of different sized cake balls. … Read more

Cool Homemade Space Birthday Cake

Homemade Space Birthday Cake

This was for my sons 7th birthday. It is a basic sponge covered with butter icing and fondant icing. Fondant was also used to make the space-man, rocket and aliens. Lumps of fondant were placed under the covering to form the ‘craters’. Small pieces of fondant were rolled to make ‘moon rocks which were great … Read more

Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

The Little Einsteins Rocket cake is made from 1 cake mix using a 9 inch round cake pan for the bottom and an oven safe glass mixing bowl for the dome top. Ice cream cones topped with a half of a vanilla wafer were used for the rocket boosters and fin. To make sure the … Read more

Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Birthday Cake

Homemade Little Einsteins Rocket Birthday Cake

My inspiration came from this entire collection of Little Einsteins Rocket cakes. The photos and the descriptions were so useful in planning my own Little Einsteins Rocket Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I started by ordering the cupcake stand (which was made of Styrofoam) and gathering all my supplies ahead of time. For … Read more

Coolest Rocket Cake

Homemade Rocket Cake

This Rocket Cake was a practice run for my son’s 4th birthday. It wasn’t as difficult as I had thought it would be. I started with a chocolate sponge cake which I split in half and covered with syrup and then chocolate ganache. The rocket was much the same though it ended up a little … Read more

Coolest Rocket Cake

Coolest Rocket Cake

For my son’s third birthday, we decided to have a rocket themed birthday party, as he was currently interested in them. We decorated our backyard with stars and turned our trampoline into a giant rocket ship. So the cake had to be a Rocket Cake too. We made two cakes – both out of white … Read more

Coolest Saturn Planet Cake Idea

Homemade Saturn Planet Cake Idea

I made this Saturn cake for my son’s 6th birthday for his space-themed party. It’s very simple. I printed a picture of Saturn from the internet, blew it up so the circle planet itself was about 7 inches in diameter. The rings were too big to print all on the page but I was able … Read more

Coolest Solar System Cake

Homemade  Solar System Cake

My friend mentioned to me that her son was turning 4 soon and that he was really into the planets right now and asked if I could maybe come up with a design for a cake and do it for him. I gave it some thought and did some research on the planets before coming … Read more

Coolest Spaceship Birthday Cake

Homemade Spaceship Birthday Cake

This Spaceship Birthday Cake is two cakes I made for my son’s third birthday. The planet (bottom cake) is three nine inch confitti cakes stacked and layered with strawberry filling, shaped round with a knife then frosted gray. The base is a pizza pan with holes, with a dowel rod screwed to the middle to … Read more

Cool Homemade Sunshine Cake

My Sunshine's First Birthday Cake

Every night before bed I sing my daughter “You are my sunshine” so it seemed fitting that for her first birthday I should make a sunshine cake. There of course was an issue with that, I have NEVER made a shaped cake before, never mind decorating with anything other than a spatula, but this had … Read more

Coolest Moon Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Moon Birthday Cake Design

I made this Homemade Moon Birthday Cake Design for my wonderful stepson’s birthday party. He is totally into outer space. I never made a cake that turned out but this time I did my homework and was patient. I used three boxes of cake mix. I picked chocolate. I bought Wilton’s sports ball pan and … Read more

Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

Homemade Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

This was a first attempt at a Little Einsteins rocket cake and sadly I was in a hurry at the end, so I ran out of fondant (which is why you see so much white sugar on the rutters trying to hold the fondant on)! I made the fondant myself, which was cracking around the … Read more

Easy Homemade Little Einstein Rocket Birthday Cake

Homemade Little Einstein Rocket Birthday Cake

My 2 year-old granddaughter, LOVES Little Einstein. My daughter and I decided to try to make a Little Einstein Rocket Birthday Cake for her birthday. We researched online and were so excited to find a website with so many wonderful cakes! We chose a few to give us creative ideas and the day before her … Read more

Coolest Rocket Shooting From The Earth Cake

Rocket Shooting And Earth Cake

My son wanted a rocket birthday cake this year. After doing a bit of exploring, I came up with the idea to make an additional cake of the earth that the rocket could be shooting off from. For the earth, I used a basic chocolate cake recipe and baked it in a metal mixing bowl … Read more