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Cool Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake for my Grandson

My grandson LOVES dinosaurs! For his 5th birthday I made (what I think was) a super Dinosaur birthday cake! I used rice krispies to make a volcano. I used a doll dress cake pan to get the shape. The lava is melted Jolly Rancher candies. I shaped them by putting them on tin foil that I made into narrow “ditches” and heating in the oven until they melted.

I cut a hole in the top for a narrow glass container for dry ice. Adding water to the dry ice made the volcano “smoke.” When there wasn’t dry ice in it I put in some sticks which kind of looked like sparklers. This was my first experience with fondant and I loved it!

A couple of the dinos have rice krispie balls at the center. I figured that out after I had already done two. The dinosaurs matched his napkins. The palm tree leaves are fondant draped over a small bowl to dry and the trunks are large pretzels. The river is also Jolly Ranchers melted on tin foil but I left it on the foil. The tall green dinosaur was very heavy (not rice krispie filled) and I had to use a dowel to prop it up. The blue long necked dino has fondant shaped around a dowel for the neck and legs (a hint for working with fondant: I used corn starch to powder surfaces and utensils rather than powdered sugar. Before I did this I had a fine coating of powdered sugar on everything. Corn starch is not quite as “flighty.”)

For the party we had a 4′ blow-up dinosaur and palm trees for a picture area. There was also a large tusk and bone made of foam core board. I printed dinosaur crossing signs from this site. I made bone necklaces with twine and poster board. I made “animal skins” for the party goers to wear (I was informed that dinosaurs and cave men did not exist at the same time). The kids played pin the horn on the triceratops. The party was held at a nature center with was perfect. A good time was had by all!

Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake

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