My 7 year old granddaughter loves the Disney princesses. This year’s princess was Sleeping Beauty thus the Sleeping Beauty birthday cake. The castle is a double layer 8″ round cake with butter cream icing. I used the Wilton Castle Cake Set which makes a castle really easy.

Sleeping Beauty’s bed is a double layer chocolate brownie (I had trouble getting the brownie out of the pan in big pieces. I’ll think twice about doing that again). I crumb coated it with icing. The bedspread is fondant (I use cornstarch to powder my surfaces to roll fondant. If it gets too hard I warm it in the microwave for a few seconds to make it easy to work with). I cut a rectangle a little larger than the top of the bed. I made the ruffle by cutting a strip and pleating it. The pillow is a big chunk of yellow fondant to match the trim on the bedspread.

I made candy roses to decorate around the bed. The fairies are on hooks for candles. I wrapped them with tulle. I used a battery operated set of Christmas lights and wrapped it all in white tulle. The “cloud” around Flora’s stand is white tulle.

With her birthday being near Halloween so everyone comes in costume. My granddaughter was Sleeping Beauty…of course.