Awesome Minecraft Birthday Cake

Awesome Minecraft Birthday Cake

My son loves Minecraft, especially Stampycat. So a homemade Minecraft birthday cake was the only way to go for his birthday. We bought two store-made half sheet cakes and then cut off one end of both to turn it into a perfect square (because everything in Minecraft is square.) We also bought a ton of … Read more

Cool Homemade Curious George Birthday Cake for a 5th Birthday

Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake

We made this Curious George cake for our son’s fifth birthday.  The “special features” section on the Curious George 2 movie DVD explains how to draw Curious George step by step.  This was very helpful in helping us get the right dimensions for the face. We bought two premade half sheet cakes from the grocery … Read more

Coolest Turtle Birthday Cake

Coolest Turtle Birthday Cake

We had a turtle party for our son’s birthday.  We used a soccer ball cake pan that we ordered on-line to make the shell of the turtle.  We just piped icing around shapes from the soccer ball in green, light green, blue and yellow, consecutively. We used baker’s icing because it is easier and thicker … Read more

Coolest Cat Birthday Cakes

Homemade Cat Birthday Cakes

Our three-year-old son asked for cakes that would resemble our two cats for his birthday. We bought a half sheet vanilla cake (without icing) at the local grocery store. I traced a medium-sized bowl twice on the top and then drew on the ears lightly on the top. Then I cut each cat out in … Read more

Coolest Rubber Duckie Cake

Homemade Rubber Duckie Cake

This Homemade Rubber Duckie Cake was easy to bake. We bought the two-part rubber duckie cake pan and rubber duckie candles on-line. We just made a standard cake mix and poured it to the brim of the bottom part. As the instruction stated, we had greased it heavily so that it wouldn’t stick. Then we … Read more

Coolest Donald Duck Birthday Cake

Homemade Donald Duck Birthday Cake

To make this Donald Duck Birthday Cake I bought a Donald Duck pan on Ebay. It was made in the 1970’s by Wilson. There were a few people selling this pan on Ebay for various prices. I managed to find it for $12. I also bought the Donald Duck birthday candle online. I greased the … Read more

Coolest Thomas the Train Cake

Homemade Thomas the Train Cake

We went with a Thomas the train theme since our son loves to play with Thomas the train. We ordered a Thomas the train cake kit on-line and bought a plain vanilla sheet cake and a tub of blue icing from a grocery store. It was very easy to follow the directions in the cake … Read more

Coolest Christmas Santa Clause Cake

Homemade Christmas Santa Clause Cake

We made this Christmas Santa Clause Cake for our child for Christmas. The idea came from a doll house that I had as a child with a tiny version of this cake (you can see it in the picture). Our child liked it also all these years later and asked us to make a real … Read more