We had a turtle party for our son’s birthday.  We used a soccer ball cake pan that we ordered on-line to make the shell of the turtle.  We just piped icing around shapes from the soccer ball in green, light green, blue and yellow, consecutively. We used baker’s icing because it is easier and thicker than icing from a can.  Then we made a second cake out of a rectangular pan and cut the head, legs and tail from it.

We iced it all light green and added the eyes with white and black icing. We used a thicker dark green line to trace an outline around the bottom to look like the bottom of the shell.  We made the turtle cupcakes using big candy gumdrops, gummy peach rings, gumdrop spinach leaves and chocolate chips for the eyes.  All of these cupcake ingredients were available at the local grocery store.

We used the big green gumdrops for the heads. We cut the spinach leaves in half, using the decorative part for the front legs and the plain part for the back legs. We cut the big gumdrops at the bases so that they wouldn’t be too tall for the shells. We dyed the icing blue with food coloring to look like water. We also made turtle cookies using two different cookie cutters and piped on the shell decorations with green icing.

We ordered turtle table cloths, balloons, party hats, plates, napkins and cups on-line. We also gave guests turtle stuffed animals, turtle bubbles and turtle stickers as party favors. We ordered a turtle piñata on-line as well and filled it with candy, mini slinkies, mini rubber duckies and bouncy balls.

Everyone, kids and adults alike, really liked the turtle theme, especially the cupcakes. We got the ideas for the cake and cupcakes from pictures on-line, but we added our own personal touches.