Coolest Donald Duck Birthday Cake

To make this Donald Duck Birthday Cake I bought a Donald Duck pan on Ebay. It was made in the 1970’s by Wilson. There were a few people selling this pan on Ebay for various prices. I managed to find it for $12. I also bought the Donald Duck birthday candle online.

I greased the pan well and put one chocolate cake mix in. It took longer to bake than a normal, round chocolate cake, about 31 minutes. After it was completely cool, I iced it all over with white icing. Even though the design of the face showed on the pan, when I iced it, the icing covered up the facial characteristics. To fix this, I held the empty cake pan next to me as I lightly copied the designs as best I could using a toothpick.

I bought tubes of red, orange, pink, blue and black icing to make the design. I used store bought icing tops to pipe on the designs and smoothed them out as needed with a knife. I also found Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed cards, balloons and cups.

It was very easy to make, only took about an hour to decorate, and turned out pretty cute. I surrounded it with some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toys and cut-outs that I bought at the local party store.

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