Awesome Homemade Baby Blocks Cake with Teddy Bear

Homemade Baby Blocks Cake

I made this Baby Blocks cake for my Godson’s Christening. I baked a large sheet cake of yellow cake from scratch and also a 13×9 sheet cake to cut up and use for the blocks. Once the cakes had cooled I cut the 13×9 into squares and then froze them both. When it came to … Read more

Coolest Snakes and Ladders Cake

Homemade Snakes and Ladders Cake

I made this cake for a 4yr old’s birthday party. This is a very popular kids board game (you go up the ladders when you land on them, and down the snakes!). I started with a chocolate 13 x 9 sheet cake made from scratch. I then froze it and coated it with chocolate buttercream … Read more

Cool Homemade Ben 10 Fondant Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Cake

This Ben 10 cake was for a 5 year old’s birthday. I started with a 13 x 9 chocolate cake made from scratch. I then covered it with chocolate buttercream icing and froze it to firm up. I then covered it in rolled out white fondant (sugarpaste). I downloaded a Ben 10 image from the … Read more

Coolest Batman and Batsignal Cake

Homemade Batman and Batsignal Cake

I made this Batman and Batsignal cake for my son’s 4th birthday. It is a home made sheet of yellow cake, spread with yellow buttercream icing and then covered with white fondant icing. I then washed the cake with some blue paste food colour diluted with vodka. I then dyed some fondant grey and cut … Read more

Coolest Nintendo DS Pokemon Cake

Homemade Nintendo DS Pokemon Cake

I made this Nintendo DS Pokemon cake for a little boy who was 9 and loved Pokemon and got a red Nintendo for his birthday. The cake is a chocolate 13 x 9 sheet cake made from scratch. I then froze it and covered it in chocolate butter cream icing. I coated it in red … Read more

Coolest Guitar Cake

Guitar Cake

I made this guitar cake for a friend’s son’s 7th birthday. I used a large roasting tin, 14.5″ x 10.5″ (27cm x37cm) and made a chocolate cake from scratch using a Betty Crocker recipe, making double. I lined the cake tin with foil and then filled it half full, using the rest of the mixture … Read more

Coolest Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

Homemade Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

This Pirate Ship Birthday Cake has a large yellow sheet cake as it’s base, made from scratch. I then made a batch of buttercream icing and dyed it turquoise for the sea, leaving the colour a bit swirly in the icing. The pirate galleon is made using a Nordic Ware pan. The idea with this … Read more

Coolest Christmas Snowflake Cake

Homemade Snowflake Christmas Cake

This Christmas snowflake cake is a traditional fruit cake that I covered in marzipan, but you could use any type of cake. I then dyed fondant icing a pale turquoise colour (to resemble a glacier look) and covered the cake with it. I then brushed it with a moistened brush and dusted it with white … Read more

Coolest High School Musical Cake

HSM Cheerleader Cake

I made this High School Musical cake for 4 little girls. To start, I made a large chocolate sheet cake from scratch and then covered it in a chocolate buttercream icing. I then froze the cake to make it easier to work with. I used ivory fondant icing (sugarpaste) to cover the cake. Then I … Read more