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Cool Homemade Ben 10 Fondant Cake

This Ben 10 cake was for a 5 year old’s birthday. I started with a 13 x 9 chocolate cake made from scratch. I then covered it with chocolate buttercream icing and froze it to firm up. I then covered it in rolled out white fondant (sugarpaste).

I downloaded a Ben 10 image from the internet and used this as my template for the cake. I first coloured the cake using diluted paste food colours – a black, green and yellow/green colour. I cut out all of the Ben 10 figure from different coloured fondants that I had coloured myself (except for the hair, which is chocolate fondant). For his mouth I used a brown food pen. I was a bit disappointed with the eyes, they were a bit goggley.

To make the Ben 10 lettering, I mixed green and yellow fondants to give the graduated effect and cut out the letters. To make the black shapes on the 10, I used black fondant and a flower shape cutter and a drinking straw.

On the side of the cake I put the boy’s name and age in the “Ben 10” style lettering.

1 thought on “Cool Homemade Ben 10 Fondant Cake”

  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your idea of Ben 10 cake , My son is turning 4yrs next week and he asked for a Ben 10 theme party however financially I am unable to get all the decor but would love to make the Ben 10 cake,

    I want to know if I mix the melted chocolate with buttericing and freeze will it be like a marzipan type where I can roll it and cover on the cake?

    To get black icing which food colouring do I use?

    Your response will highly appreciated.



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