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Coolest Snakes and Ladders Cake

I made this cake for a 4yr old’s birthday party. This is a very popular kids board game (you go up the ladders when you land on them, and down the snakes!).

I started with a chocolate 13 x 9 sheet cake made from scratch. I then froze it and coated it with chocolate buttercream icing. Then I covered it with a layer of white rolled out fondant. Then using an edible marker pen, I painstakingly drew out all the squares in black. I then mixed some paste food colors with vodka (the alcohol evaporates!) and using a paintbrush I coloured in the different squares.

I then cut the ladders out of black fondant and made the snakes out of red/yellow/green fondant rolled together and used a knife to make the body markings and a straw to mark out the eyes. I used my son’s Playdoh cutters to make the counters! I made a large cube of white fondant for the dice and iced in the dots. I then iced along the base of the cake with black tube icing to finish it off.

Everyone was very impressed with this cake!

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