Coolest Bumblebee Cake

Bumblebee Cake

This bumblebee cake was a surprise for a friend’s birthday, she was going out in a bee costume so I made a cake to match. I made 2 chocolate cakes in different sized oven bowls. I cut a quarter off the side of the smaller cake and stuck it to the side of the large … Read more

Cool Homemade Chocolate Box Cake

Homemade Chocolate Box Cake

This chocolate box cake is actually quite easy to make and looks impressive. At first glance, it looks like a box of chocolates but it’s actually a cake. I started by making 2 circular chocolate fudge cakes, I coated them both in chocolate frosting and layered them. Then I coloured some icing purple and rolled … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

Homemade Tinkerbell Cake

I was asked to make a Tinkerbell cake for my friends’ 3 year old, Daisy, and so decided to make it as bright and fun looking as possible for her. I made the Tinkerbell a couple of days in advance as she was quite complex, she’s made from fondant and is 100% edible. Her wings … Read more

Coolest Xbox Cake

Homemade Xbox Cake

I baked 2 square chocolate cakes and cut one in half. Joined one and half together and cut the other one into triangles and assembled them into the controller shape. Then frosted them with chocolate buttercream to help it all stick together and covered them both in icing. The Xbox cake itself was easy, I … Read more

Coolest Clown Birthday Cake

Homemade Clown Birthday Cake

I used a large circular tin to bake the chocolate sponge for this Clown Birthday Cake. When baked, I rounded and smoothed the edge. I then covered in a flesh coloured sugarpaste (by the way, flesh colour is VERY annoying to colour on a large scale, it took me about 2 hours to knead the … Read more

Coolest Guitar Birthday Cake

Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake

I decided to make a replica of a friend’s bass guitar (John Patitucci’s signature bass for reference) for his birthday, and wanted to get it as accurate as possible. After taking loads of photos of a Guitar Birthday Cake I set to work baking 2 very large rectangular chocolate sponges. I cut the sponges very … Read more

Coolest Ipswich Football Cake

Homemade Ipswich Football  Cake

My friend asked me to make an Ipswich football cake painted like the badge of his dad’s favorite football team, Ipswich Town. The badge is quite long and I didn’t have a cake pan long enough for it so I ended up having to make 3 square sponge cakes, two for the layers and an … Read more

Coolest World of Warcraft Cake

Homemade World Of Warcraft Cake

The cake topper on this World of Warcraft is completely hand crafted from fondant. I kneaded some fondant with pink and purple colourings but not until I got the right kind of marbley effect and firstly moulded all the different blocks to make the gate and stands. I then carved cracks into the sides and … Read more