Cool Homemade Chocolate Box Cake

This chocolate box cake is actually quite easy to make and looks impressive. At first glance, it looks like a box of chocolates but it’s actually a cake.

I started by making 2 circular chocolate fudge cakes, I coated them both in chocolate frosting and layered them.

Then I coloured some icing purple and rolled it out into a strip, long enough to fit around the cake and wide enough so that it would leave a little lip over the top. The tricky part is rolling up this ribbon of icing and then unrolling it around the cake without splitting it.

I rolled out another disc of purple icing and covered a thick cakeboard with it to be the lid.

Using a heart shaped cookie cutter I pressed the heart shapes into the side of the cake and the lid.

I then tied a bow into some ribbon and stuck this on top using a dab of icing.

I covered the top of the cake with my chocolates of choice, Just Brazils, leaving one sat on top of two others to help support the lid slightly upwards.

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