Coolest Star Wars Village Birthday Cake

My Grandson Jon wanted a Star Wars Village Birthday Cake for his 8th birthday party. I tried researching some stills from the Star Wars Movies not wanting to watch all 6 of the movies. I finally found a town scene that depicted the dome shaped houses that were all in tans and browns and decided on a more simplistic approach.

I bought some figurines to put in the town after I realized how hard it was going to be to create them from fondant or gum paste. It is a two layer 14X18 sheet with homemade vanilla bean cake filled and crumbcoated with Italian buttercream, then covered with marshmallow fondant that I made at home.

The domes are simply cake that I sculpted into domes and covered with fondant and the circular pieces on the side of one of the domes and on top of the larger dome were Ho-Ho’s covered with fondant. The brown doors are also made with tinted fondant and glazed with a powdered, reconstituted egg white.

People kept asking me what bakery I got it from! They said the fondant was pleasant tasting enough (I have never really tasted a great fondant but I am still looking) and everyone really loved the Italian Butter Cream. All the little boys were really impressed with Jon’s birthday cake too.

10 thoughts on “Coolest Star Wars Village Birthday Cake”

  1. The birthday cake was really a work of art. How lucky for a child have someone make him a cake of his dreams. Keep up the good work!!

  2. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this cake first hand. As a guest to the party, one could only marvel over the hard work and great detail that was put fourth in preparation, design and layout of this cake. After I had seen this cake, it hit me: In a few short hours, I would get to eat this cake! When the time came, it was delicious! The cake was moist and the the butter cream was delightful. Two thumbs up, one for appearance and one for taste. Great job!

  3. That is an Awesome work of Art filled with Love. I know that your Grandson was thrilled with the cake and so proud of you for taking all the hours to make it for him. He will remember this birthday forever.Nothing can take the place of something made with Loving hands.

  4. Very nice, I’m very lucky to live next door to you! You did a wonderful job on the star wars cake as well as the one for VBS. (Are those real rocks!) A lady was so impressed with Steph’s cake she thought the rocks on her cake were real.That day she got offered to make another cake for a private party. She can do wonders with her creativity. In fact she will be working on a wedding cake real soon, and I’m sure she could post that pict too! The best part of it all is she enjoy’s every minute of it!!! Jon talked about that cake for two weeks before it was done, and I know he is well loved!


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