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Coolest Rooster Birthday Cake

This Rooster Birthday Cake was pretty simple. I made an 18X22 butter cake. I frosted it entirely with faux fondant using an icing tip, then let it crust. I then used a fondant smoother very gently to smooth it out and pressed it with a non-patterned paper towel to give a matt look.

I then free handed the tinted and thinned icing into the rooster. I used mostly leaf tips and basket weave tips along with regular parchment paper with a tip cut out for free flowing icing. The icing is flavored with both butter flavoring and almond flavoring. I used box mixes but enhanced them by using milk instead of water and a tablespoon of all whites and a box of vanilla instant pudding.

6 thoughts on “Coolest Rooster Birthday Cake”

  1. Again another work of art done by Stephanie. She really has an act for creating these beautiful cakes. The details she uses are wonderful. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ok Steph, you have done it again! Girl, the talent in your hands is awesome! By the way, I have a birthday coming end of Sept., what are you gonna put on my cake? ha-ha!

  3. These cakes you have been making sound like they taste great and they sure look great. When are you going to open up a cake shop? Maybe you better open a bakery bet your pies are really good too.

  4. you have artistic talent !!!!!!!!
    can you make mine just leave a lot of room for the candles my son had to get me 4 boxes of candles eeeeeeeek!


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