My 37 year old son wanted a cow birthday cake.  He has a real cow he is raising from a 3 day old calf and he wanted his cake to look like his cow.  So I found some pictures on line and assembled some bowls and pans that were in the shapes I would use.  I drew it out on paper so that I would have a sort of pattern to follow.  I made the “pasture ” a chocolate cake, the cow a red velvet and the frosting was Swiss Meringue covered by fondant.

The cow is predominately white with black spots but the black spots are heavier on its right side so had to try and copy the color pattern as well as I could.  I even made a little fondant watermelon as my son has been growing a watermelon patch which he is a proud of as the cow.  It wouldn’t have been complete without the “cow-pie” which is a constant source of irritation to my son’s wife.  Everyone enjoyed the cake and it tasted really good too.