Cool One Eyed Skull Cake

one eyed skull cake

I decided I would like to make a Halloween cake and rather than eat it myself, I held a raffle at work to raise money for a vetrans charity and a cancer nurse charity. It was well received and I made around £150. I did use a skull shaped tin for the actual cake but … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sneaker Cake

It was my friend’s birthday and I decided I would like to make her a cake. She has lots of interests but the thing she is absolutely mad about is running, so what better than to make her a cake of her running shoe. Unfortunately for me she must have the most complicated shoes ever! … Read more

Homemade Handbag Cake For a Friend

Homemade Handbag Cake For a Friend

I made this handbag cake from a rectangle cake, which I cut and layered.  I then froze the cake and once frozen I carved the shape.  For the board, I covered in icing as normal.  I then got a stencil and painted Trex and silver powder to make the flower shapes.  I impressed my friend’s … Read more

Coolest Wonky Cake

Homemade Wonky Cake

I used a cake guide from a book to make this cake, and its the most ambitious thing I have ever tried! This Wonky cake was for my daughter’s best friend’s 21st birthday and is made out of chocolate cake. You can’t really explain how to make it because its too complicated, but the book … Read more

Coolest Post Box Cake

Post Box Cake

This Post Box Cake was for a lady who worked for the post office. I thought the red box would look striking. I stacked up 3 small fruity cakes on top of each other and covered with marzipan. I had a slightly larger cake for the top and trimmed it when frozen to make the … Read more

Coolest Drunk Cake

Homemade Drunk Cake

A friend asked me to make this Drunk Cake for her daughter’s birhtday for a laugh. She likes a good party! It was a very simple design a pudding basin was used to make the main body of the cake and then sugarpaste was rolled to make the arms and legs. A large flat disc … Read more

Coolest Over the Hill Cake

Over the Hill Cake

One of my friend’s at work asked me to make a cake for her husband who was just about to have his 40th birthday. We both agreed an over the hill cake would be good. I started off wanting to make sheep and the rest came from there. Its a fruit cake, and the sheep … Read more

Coolest Pirate Skull Birthday Cake

Homemade Pirate Skull Birthday Cake

This pirate skull birthday cake was made for a little lad of one of my husband’s colleagues, he is made about pirates. I made a rectangle cake and iced it. I then cut out a skull shape and used some molded lumps of icing underneath to shape the eyes, cheeks and mouth and place the … Read more

Coolest Masquerade Ball Cake

Homemade Masquerade Ball Cake

This Homemade Masquerade Ball Cake was a special cake for a birthday party that had a masquerade ball theme. It looks complicated but is very simple. The bottom cake is commer shaped and has a round cake on the top. I used dark blue paste on the bottom and sprayed it with blue metallic edible … Read more

Coolest R2D2 Cake

R2D2 Cake

I made this R2D2 cake for the son of one of my husband’s colleagues. He asked for a Starwars cake, and was over the moon when he received it. He thought he was going to receive a flat cake with a picture on it! Tip for cake makers – I used rice crispy cakes for … Read more

Coolest R2D2 Cake

R2D2 Cake

One of my husband’s colleagues asked me to do a birthday cake for his little boy’s birthday. He said anything to do with Starwars. The most obvious thing was to do a R2D2 cake. The most difficult thing to overcome was how to make him tilt backwards. I make a wedge shape out of Rice … Read more

Coolest Portsmouth FC Shirt Cake

Homemade Portsmouth FC Shirt Cake

I made this Portsmouth FC Shirt cake for my nephew’s 21st birthday as he is an avid Portsmouth fan. I baked a rectangle cake and cut to shape. The hardest part was making the parts of the shirt that are golden, I used a gold powder over some almond coloured icing. It was difficult to … Read more