One of my husband’s colleagues asked me to do a birthday cake for his little boy’s birthday. He said anything to do with Starwars. The most obvious thing was to do a R2D2 cake. The most difficult thing to overcome was how to make him tilt backwards.

I make a wedge shape out of Rice Krispy cakes and stuck this to the board with icing. I then covered the board with sugarpaste which hide it. When it had dried I used some silver dust and flicked it around the board and blew it to create a star system.

I made the main body by sticking together 2 round cakes, and carved the dome shape for the top. I then placed this on the wedged part of the cake board, and then measured and made the arms after. For these I used Rice Crispy cakes again as they are really easy to mold. I covered them with sugarpaste using buttercream to make the icing stick.

Once all of the main bits were pieced together, I then added the detail. To finish off, I covered the edge of the board with ribbons.