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Awesome Arsenal Football Club Cake for a Soccer Fanatic

Since my family loves soccer, I was really excited when my friend asked me to make an Arsenal cake for the groom’s cake at her wedding. A couple of days ahead of time I made the cannon for the top so it would have time to dry before the wedding. It is made out of a fondant/gum paste mix that I tinted a dark yellow and then brushed gold shimmer dust on it.

The morning of the wedding I cut out the leaves and berries, the gold for around the crest, the white banner, and the gold “Arsenal” lettering from fondant. I dusted all of the “gold” fondant with gold shimmer dust. The bottom cake is a 16″ x 16″ double-layer red velvet cake and I carved the crest out of a 9″ x 13″ red velvet cake. I covered the square with white butter cream and added dowel rods to hold up the crest. I put the crest onto a piece of cardboard shaped the same and iced half of it with red butter cream and the other half with maroon butter cream.

When I got to the venue, I placed the crest on top of the white square and piped some red butter cream to cover the cardboard. I placed the gold Arsenal lettering on the cake and piped white on top of the fondant. I placed the gold fondant border around the top of the crest and piped on the blue and white borders alongside it. I placed the stems and leaves on the white cake and placed the banner at the bottom. I piped the yellow lettering on the banner.

For the final touch, I set the 3-D cannon on the top.  All the little boys at the wedding loved the cannon and wanted to know if they could have it.  Of course  we had to save it for the groom!  I don’t think anyone at the wedding besides the bride, groom, and myself had any idea about what the cake “meant”.  I answered questions about it during the time I worked on it and all night when the guests came by.  “Why did he want “that” cake?” “What is on there?” “Why did he want a military cake?”  “Is that a cannon?”  Oh well…the bride and groom were happy, so I was happy!  It was a beautiful night and a perfect wedding for my long-time friend of about 20 years!