This tea party themed cake was my first ever wedding cake. I had only been making cakes for a little while and a friend asked me if I was up to the challenge.  Well, me being me, of course I was.

Everything on this cake was handmade and edible.

Tea Party Wedding Cake Instructions

  • The cups were made with flower paste. I had to find a cup the right size for the cake and then smother it in cornflour.
  • Then I worked the flower paste in and up and over the edges. This was not as easy as it sounds. I actually made about 6 before I got it right, not too thick and not to thin.
  • The handles were made separately and attached once everything had set and dried.
  • Mini sandwiches and cakes made from flower paste were added all over the cake.
  • I put marshmallows in the sugar bowl to look like sugar.

This cake had to be transported 35 miles to the wedding venue. When fully stacked and decorated it was very heavy and my poor partner had to drive so carefully that he got overtaken by a 1950s car. He was devastated.  It was so funny.

After the wedding all I kept hearing was people talking about the cake. The groom was dragging people to see the cake, He was just wowed with it. On facebook it got over 1000 likes within hours. It was amazing!