Coolest ‘Til Death Do Us Part Wedding Cake

This 4 tiered custom designed “’til death do us part wedding cake” was the most recent in my line-up of cakes submitted here.The bride and groom wanted to theme their wedding “Til Death Do Us Part,” so the skulls and skeletons fit the theme.

Wedding Cake Instructions

The tiers are 14″, 12″, 10″, and 8″.  Yellow, White, Chocolate, and Yellow again.  All iced in buttercream and covered in white Wilton fondant.

The cake lace was made using the Fantasy Flowers Scroll Jazz Le Lace Matt and Martellato Sugar Dress kit purchased from  I used Wilton black gel color to color the lace black. Let me tell you, Jennifer Dontz, who runs this site was a Godsend at helping me create the lace.

I ruined 4 batches before I finally “manned up” and contacted her.  I called her in a frantic panic and left her a message and she called me back in about 20 minutes.  Her customer service is amazing!  As it turns out, I was using the wrong directions!  After I followed her instructions, it worked flawlessly!

I baked all 8 layers in one night (6 PM until 3 AM) because I wanted them to be as fresh as they could.  The next day I trimmed and iced and covered with fondant.  I transported them all individually and stacked them at the venue.

I also made the banner out of gum paste “painted” with dry brown and gold luster dust and then used an edible marker to write the phrase.

The flowers are silk provided by my Mother In Law who owns Silk and Satin Floral in Kenosha, WI.  She was also key in helping provide just the right flowers for the cake.

It took an hour and a half to assemble this wedding cake at the venue because there was a lot of detail and I wanted it to be perfect.  It was a little difficult but was well worth all the work.

Congratulations to Renee and Kevin Scharping, it was truly my pleasure making this cake for your wedding!

Coolest 'Til Death Do Us Part Wedding Cake

Coolest 'Til Death Do Us Part Wedding Cake

Coolest 'Til Death Do Us Part Wedding Cake

Coolest 'Til Death Do Us Part Wedding Cake