Awesome Lorax Birthday Cake

My son was about to celebrate his 5 th birthday and for the past 18 months he has been a big fan of DR Seuss books which are not as popular in the UK as they are in the USA  so any toys and merchandise is quite hard to find. So for Christmas a few days before his birthday he got a Lorax soft toy which he wanted as a cake. The toy is based on the old style book version, then for cake ideas we looked on the computer he decided he wanted a  Lorax movie style one, being nearly 5 and very observant he looked at all the cakes telling me which ones looked good and which didn’t .

Telling me how I should make it and what colors I needed to use. I baked a rectangle cake and drew out a Lorax on greaseproof paper (you could photocopy a picture if you are not a confident artist). I cut around the outline shape  then using the cut off pieces to build up the stomach and head shape layering with jam (jelly), I mixed up the fondant to the color.  With my soon to be 5 yr old coming in and telling it doesn’t look like a Lorax, but its the right color.  The eyes I marked in place from my drawing then made the eyes shapes and built up in layers then  worked up the eyebrows and mustache in layers with yellow fondant using a veining tool to add texture. I used the same tool to mark the fondant to look like his fur.

With an impatient child checking my every move telling me he has no legs or arms yet, I  rolled out the fondant for the arms and legs.  The  background color and text is based on the book color.  I got his approval with the finished Lorax  saying it was the best-est cake ever! If your not very confident then don’t work under the pressure of your child, wait until bed time  and make all your colors before  hand, it will save you time, so you can concentrate on the construction.

Have photos or book or toy to hand so you can get a 3D view of whatever you are trying to sculpt, it makes it much easier. Allow yourself at least a day to construct the cake, then you are not putting your self  on a time limit. We then took my son to see the Seuessical musical in London on his birthday which he loved but there was no Lorax to his disappointment.

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