My god daughter fell in love with the Dr. Suess Lorax movie and wanted that cake for her fifth birthday. I decided to incorporate as much of the story into the cake as I could. To start with, I baked a 12″ x 18″ rectangle white cake for the base. I divided it into 2 layers filled with white butter cream icing. Next I used green butter cream to fill in the field of grass, blue (with some blue coloring smeared on the inside of the piping bag for highlighted tinges of darker blue) for the river, darker green for the two gloves on the 2 sides of the cake (the villains arms), and the appropriate colors in butter cream to create the fish, bears, tree stump and the Lorax himself.

The rocks were purchased and made from chocolate. I patterned the fish in the front left corner to spell out the birthday girls name “LILY”. Next I cut out enough 2″ rounds out of a second rectangle cake to make the tree stumps from. I secured the trees into the base cake with dowels and used white butter cream between each round layer, then frosted the outside of the trunks. Next I used cotton candy to make the tops of the trees.

Lily and here friends, as well as all the parents, were so amazed with the cake that they did not want to cut into it, but were glad they did since all loved the taste as well as the look of the cake.