Awesome Nike Shoe Cake

Everything on this board is CAKE! Chocolate mud and ganach to be exact. Everything is edible. Five hours of love went into this Nike shoe cake and another two for the box.

I created this cake for a friend that wanted to give his mate the coolest birthday cake ever! I personalized the label on the box to have his name “PAT” and his age “34”. A lot of planning and thought went into how I would make the shoe. I basically printed off a shoe sole template, stacked my cakes onto it and started to carve and sculpt the cake.

Each white inner strands on the outside of the shoe were hand rolled, placed and stuck. Fondant was layed to give depth and realism. Shoe laces were rolled and crossed to look tied. And then I used a toothpick to make stitching around various spots to look like real stitching.

Needless to say my friend was more than impressed and paid me more than what it would have cost for a real pair!