This awesome Jordan Sneaker and shoe box cake was made for a friend’s son’s birthday.  His favorite item as with any teenage boy is his sneakers.  What a perfect idea for a cake.  The cake was chocolate and chocolate fudge filling and carved into a sneaker, using a template I made from the actual sneaker.  The details in the sneaker were difficult, with the laces, stitching, wave patter and rubber sole bottom.  I was able to get the little jumping man detail as well on the side on the sneaker.  I achieved the shiny look using corn syrup and vodka mix and painted it onto the dried black fondant.

We added the sneakers shoe box as a extra added bonus with the air Jordan jumping man on the top of the box, a UPC code and sneaker buying label with size on the side of the box.

The best part of this cake was my family actually thinking this was a real sneaker on my kitchen counter!  The birthday boy was amazed and excited when he saw the cake and I was happy that I was able to achieve the sneakers realistic look and make his birthday special.