Coolest Nike Tennis Shoe Cake

I made this Nike tennis shoe cake for a friend of mine. I was asked to make a shoe cake of the Lebron James blue Diamond tennis shoe, also called the wind chill. This was the first time I tried my cake decorating skills with cake carving. I watched videos of how to make tennis shoe cakes and … Read more

Coolest Basketball Shoe Birthday Cake

This Basketball Shoe birthday cake is ready to walk out of the fridge by itself. It took a lot of pre manufacturing time to think out a process and get the details just right. My uncle contacted me about making him this cake. It seems that everywhere he went they were charging him at least $400. … Read more

Cool Converse Sneaker Cake

Converse Sneaker Cake

I absolutely loved making this converse sneaker cake! My son Tim was turning 14 so I wanted to make a cake that was cool and fun. This one really had to be perfect as his 13th birthday was a disaster. I fell seriously ill on the day of his 13th and was admitted to hospital. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sneaker Cake

It was my friend’s birthday and I decided I would like to make her a cake. She has lots of interests but the thing she is absolutely mad about is running, so what better than to make her a cake of her running shoe. Unfortunately for me she must have the most complicated shoes ever! … Read more

Sweet Sixteen Pink Converse Shoe Cake

Sweet Sixteen Pink Converse Shoe Cake

My name is Stephanie and I made this pink Converse shoe cake for a client whose daughter’s sweet sixteen party was fast approaching. We discussed back and forth between making a more traditional cake or a custom design cake, and the daughter finally won. We decided to go with creating a custom design based on … Read more

Running Shoe Cake

Running Shoe Cake

My son is a Comrades marathon runner here in South Africa, Kwazulu Natal.  For his 32nd birthday I baked this cake for him.  It was a chocolate cake decorated as a shoebox with fondant sheets and round circles. This was the easy part.  The shoe gave me grey hair!  I eventually took my own running … Read more

Awesome Nike Shoe Cake

Everything on this board is CAKE! Chocolate mud and ganach to be exact. Everything is edible. Five hours of love went into this Nike shoe cake and another two for the box. I created this cake for a friend that wanted to give his mate the coolest birthday cake ever! I personalized the label on the box … Read more

Coolest Running Shoe Cake for 40 and Fabulous Marathoner

Coolest Running Shoe Cake for 40 and Fabulous Marathoner

My good friend Julie was turning 40 and she asked that we all not make a fuss over her birthday. Well, we all know what a milestone 40 is, so, we of course ignored her request. A small dinner party of her closest girlfriends, we took her to an awesome Mexican restaurant.Julie is one of … Read more

Coolest Sneaker Birthday Cake

This cake was created for my best friend and husband for his birthday. He is a hard core sneaker fanatic. He really wanted a new pair of sneaker that were being released called Breds 11.  These sneakers were going to be sold out everywhere, that’s how popular they were so I wanted to make his … Read more

Coolest Running Shoe Cake

My wife loves to run and got a new pair of shoes for an upcoming half marathon. I wanted to make her a cake for her birthday of the shoes, but she was always wearing them at work when I had time to work on the cake, so I found some images online. It was … Read more

Cool Shoe Cake for Best Friend’s Birthday

Cool Shoe Cake for Best Friend's Birthday

This is a butter pound cake, stacked, and carved in the shape of a converse sneaker (size 10 1/2). Then was frosted in buttercream and covered in fondant, airbrushed in bright yellow with black trim. Holes cut and laces applied. The cake was sitting on the coffee table when she stopped by for coffee. We … Read more

Tips on Cake Decorating Shoe-Shaped Cakes 2

My best friends daughter wanted a cake made in the shape of a high top converse tennis shoe in lime green and orange. After reviewing many tips on cake decorating, I used two 9″ round cakes for the high top and a 13″x9″ cake for the base. I cut the round cakes at an angle … Read more