My good friend Julie was turning 40 and she asked that we all not make a fuss over her birthday. Well, we all know what a milestone 40 is, so, we of course ignored her request. A small dinner party of her closest girlfriends, we took her to an awesome Mexican restaurant.Julie is one of the most caring, inspirational and motivating people we know.She is a seasoned and dedicated runner and what a better cake design for her than a running shoe! Not to mention, Julie taught me how to bake and decorate my kids’ birthday cakes, I couldn’t provide a store bought cake nor simply get a dessert we all would share from the restaurant.

So, alas the running shoe cake! I took a 9×13 cake and cut it in half lengthwise and stacked it. I got my husband’s shoe and traced it on parchment paper, cut it out and placed it on top of the stacked cake. I free-handed the design, cutting here and there to mold the shoe. I frosted it with butter cream icing. I made my own marshmallow fondant and my daughter helped me color it with gray, pink and green, leaving most of it white. I put a couple of nutter butter cookies underneath the fondant where the shoe tongue and laces were, to give it more dimension.

I cut the fondant and put it on the shoe mold in sections- the tongue, sides, heel, etc. I took a meat tenderizer and pounded the fondant to give it that mesh texture and look. I cut the laces and placed them on the shoe. Finally, I added the birthday message on the cake board. She loved it…in fact, a lot of patrons liked the cake. It was definitely fitting to her personality and style!