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Awesome Tiger Cake

Well, this tier cake was a challenge. The lady receiving the cake loved Tigers. So how and what would I do for her.

I decided on featuring the face. This was modeled with fondant. The cake was caramel mud and cream. So matching the cream to the colors on the fondant was a challenge. I put the cake for the head on top of the body cake but it didn’t  seem to sit naturally so I trimmed the top cake to an angle in which I could place the face. After I was happy with the way it sat, I started with the blending.

I used cream right around the outer edges of the face. This gave me a little leeway as far as exact color matching. I worked my way down to the shoulders trying to keep the stripes as even as I could. This was a challenge but I was happy with the way it turned out. Thought I would share.