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Awesome Wine and Souvlaki Cake

I made this awesome wine and souvlaki cake using a sponge cake: 10 eggs beaten in a stand mixer with sugar for about 5~6 minutes.  I used a spatula and very softly put 250gr of flour and 50 gr of cacao. I put it in a warm oven at 180 for about an hour. I let it cool overnight.

Next day I made filling using 500 gr of fresh cream beaten until firm and then with a spatula add 200 gr of cherry marmalade.  I layered the cake, put on every layer caramel syrup and cream. I put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours and after using the fondant that I made with marshmallow I made the decoration.

Everything you see is edible, made out from fondant and hand painted with edible food colors. I am new to cake decorating but I love every moment of it  especially when I see satisfaction to my customers, all my efforts are worth it. Love what you do because this is the only way to succeed.