Baby Bear Cake

I used the Wilton Mini stand-up bear pan for these little baby bear cake. I recommend filling it up slightly below where their tummy ends so when it raises you don’t have a lot to cut off(a lot of wasted cake). This mold works really well with thicker cake like pound cake.

I made these for my daughter’s first birthday, she had a Pooh bear theme, I made her a separate mini bear that looked like Pooh bear, so I figured the rest would just be having a picnic! I decorated it with her tea set, and also to keep the theme going decorated with all her Pooh bear toys, and also used her play cups and bowls to contain the food i served.

This mold still works OK with normal cake mixes, its just more likely you’ll end up with a bear that falls apart.

I left the bears “fur” untouched mainly because of my time crunch, but I think it sort of makes them look like they’re actually wearing clothes rather then if I had added icing fur as well.