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Coolest ‘Me to You’ Tatty Bear Cake

I made this Homemade ‘Me to You’ Tatty Bear Cake for a friend of mine who is obsessed with these bears. I looked everywhere for an idea but couldnt find one which actually looked like the bear! So in the end I designed my own with the help of my daughter’s teddy bear. I drew out loads of plans of how the cakes would form the shape I wanted when I finally found the perfect design.

I made a swiss roll for the legs and used a sports ball cake pan for the bum and head then a cake in a sandwhich tin with a little extra poured into 2 cup cake cases! So start off with the ‘bum’ on the cake board and join the sandwhich tin cake with the bum by cutting a curve in sandwhich tin cake, so it will join like a puzzle! Then try to cut some paws slightly on the sandwhich cake and place the head on top. Shape the front so looks like a face and I added a little extra cake from the left overs for the mouth area. Half the swiss roll and put behind the bum and get some left over cake on the ends to give a rounded look for the paws, use 1 cupcake for the tail and half the other cup cake for the ears.

To decorate I used butter icing and coloured with blue and black but take out a tiny bit of blue icing before you put black in as you will need the blue for the nose also remember just to add colours a little at a time so you can take out a little for the mouth aswell before you make it darker for thr fur!

I’ts easier to decorate mouth first and then use a star shaped nozzle with a piping bag for the rest of the body. I used edible wafer paper for the patches and black royal writing icing for the eyes and stitches! And hey presto, one tatty bear cake which my friend was over the moon with, not only did it look great but it tasted great too and was the talk of the party!

Homemad  'Me to You' Tatty Bear Cake

Homemad  'Me to You' Tatty Bear Cake

Homemade 'Me to You' Tatty Bear Cake

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