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Coolest First Birthday Bear Cake

I made this first birthday bear cake for my niece’s first birthday, it’s my first adventurous cake and it turned out pretty well!

I saw a picture of a similar cake online and attempted to make my own version. I baked 2 10″ Victoria sponge cakes. The bear started off with 6 layers of cake, 3 round ones for his belly and 3 thinner round layers for his head. At this point he didn’t look like much of a bear. Add his cake legs and feet, carve off excess cake and then using butter icing I stuck him together. I then covered the whole of the bear in chocolate butter icing.

Using ready made chocolate ready to roll icing, I rolled out a large sheet and draped it over the bear and started molding it to his body. Next I used the left over icing to make a nose, ears and tail. Next I used butter icing through a icing syringe to make his fur. I started at the back as this was the first time using one. Once he was covered I added a pink nose and little black bead eyes.

I made several cupcakes to accompany the cake (mainly for the numerous relatives!), I just put a layer of icing and used a ‘1’ birthday candle. The bees I made out of ready to roll icing, roll up yellow icing to about 1cm diameter and cut into about 5mm sections, do the same with the black icing. Take 4 alternate pieces and squash them together and smooth the ends. Add eyes and paper wings and hey presto!

My niece didn’t really understand that it was a cake and wanted to hug him. Family and friends were really chuffed. It did take about 4hrs to do the actual modelling so not a cake to attempt on a time limit!!

Homemade First Birthday Bear Cake

Homemade First Birthday Bear Cake

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