I made this baby doll cake for my best friend.

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in this world. The story of my cake is based on my besties birthday.

My bestie: Anu

I love to give surprises to my near and dear ones and it was the occasion of my bestie’s birthday. I had planned a surprise party for her. Everything was perfect. I was confused about whether to make the cake or bring one from market. I had no time because of my classes, but then I thought, “It’s my bestie’s birthday, so everything should be special.” So, I planned to make the cake.

I thought I would make a Barbie doll cake and I went to the market to buy a doll. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the type of doll I wanted. I was upset and thought that I would have to drop my plans, but when I got back home I found my small doll key ring. I was very happy. I had intended to put a big doll in the centre of my cake, but I had to be satisfied with that small key ring doll.

When I started making cake, I remembered that I forgot to bring some ingredients. I rushed back to the market to buy them. I was already running short on time as it was 8.30 pm by my watch and I had to complete the cake before 12. I was so tense, but when I started making my cake it went smoothly and to my surprise my cake was completed by 11:30 pm. I was very happy.

Then the special moment came. I called my bestie on the terrace at 12:00. She did not have any idea about my surprise. When I showed her the cake, she was so much happy. And then we all celebrated her birthday. It was a memorable day in our lives.