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Coolest 7th Birthday Princess Doll Cake

I made this Homemade 7th Birthday Princess Doll Cake for my adopted daughter’s 7th birthday. I made one for my own daughter at about the same age, many years ago.

I made layers of cake using a metal bowl to get the shape (about ¾ full) and ordinary round tins for the other layers. There were four pieces altogether. I used an ordinary cake mix (equal eggs, butter, SR flour and caster sugar, plus a little water to soften mix). The mixture was made in my 30 year old food processor.

I used a small round cutter to make a hole big enough for the doll to fit through in each layer that I sandwiched together with strawberry jam. The doll was a complete toy, not one of the ones without legs that you can buy for these types of cakes. About 12″ tall. I wrapped the legs in cling film.

I used bought fondant icing to fill in around the waist of the doll for a good fit and then another piece rolled out thinly to for the bodice, cutting away the excess at the back. By pressing the fondant at the centre front the shape of the bodice was formed and it was trimmed with a small sugar pearl.

The main part of the skirt was rolled the length and width of the cake with a normal rolling pin then the pattern was impressed with a textured swirl roller. I finished the lower edge with a frilling tool. After brushing the cake all over with Apricot Glaze I put on the skirt. I found this a bit difficult and folded it several times but it would have been better to wrap it round a rolling pin. I pressed together the join at the back with a little water. I cut out a circle in the same fondant with a frilled cutter and cut out a small hole in the center. I cut it across one edge so that it would fit round the doll’s waist to neaten the skirt. Sugar pearls were added for decoration.

The bottom edge of the skirt was trimmed with sugar flowers and sweets, and I added more frills for the swags, also trimmed with sugar pearls, to hide some more creases in the icing.

I used a real ribbon to tie around the waist which helped to cover up the seam at the back.

Homemade 7th Birthday Princess Doll Cake

Homemade 7th Birthday Princess Doll Cake

Homemade 7th Birthday Princess Doll Cake

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