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Coolest Snow White Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a Snow White party for her 3rd birthday. I saw a video clip on YouTube that showed how make a doll cake, and decided to try baking her Snow White Birthday Cake myself.

I used the Wilton Wonder Mold and the Wilton doll pick for the Snow White doll cake. The cake recipe was a simple butter cake. As the hair of the Wilton doll is long, I cut it short since Snow White has short hair, and tied a red ribbon on the doll’s hair.

Snow White Birthday Cake

Snow White Birthday Cake

The skirt and bodice for the doll were all fondant. The demonstrator on Youtube had rolled a long strip of fondant to go round the skirt of the doll. I felt that the result was a little messy as there is a joining at the back. Instead, I decided to roll out a round shape fondant and cover the skirt from the top as if it was a simple round cake. That worked, and there is no messy joining at the back.

Two days before I had made a name plate and some arum lily with gumpaste. These I used to set up a name plate in front of the doll.

Next I bake some cupcakes and iced them with butter cream. I had bought Snow White and seven dwarfs icing toppers and these I placed on the butter cream frosting.

To complete the look, I arranged the doll and cupcakes on the Wilton Cake Stand.

Fondant is very forgiving and is perfect for beginners like me. But it can be very sweet, so not many people like it. What I did was add lemon rind to my cake and add lemon juice instead of water to my icing to take away some sweetness.

As I have only started baking 3 months ago, I am very happy with the result. Friends were surprised that I made the cake myself. Frankly, I am surprise at how well it turned out too. My daughter loved her cake and she looked so cute in her snow white costume next to the cake. Seeing the cake and the happy look on my daughter’s face, all the effort was worth it!

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