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Coolest Homemade Barbie Cakes

If your little girl is into Barbie, this is the cake for you. Barbie cakes are not all that hard to make and my daughter absolutely loved it! The idea for this cake is not a new one. My grandmother made a cake such as this for me when I was little.

I started off with a heart shaped pan (purchased at a yard sale). This was the base that the Barbie was to stand on. I used a white cake mix and added red food coloring to get that “Barbie pink” color that little girls love. For the skirt I simply baked a lemon cake mix in my glass mixing bowl. I attached the skirt cake to the heart cake using the butter cream icing that I iced the entire cake with. Then I wrapped Barbie’s legs with cellophane and inserted her into the cake. I then proceeded to tint the icing pink and purple. I smoothed the purple icing onto the front of the skirt and piped little stars onto the back to fill it in. I also piped the stars onto Barbie herself to look like the upper part of her gown. A few bows piped on and it was complete. These sort of Barbie cakes may look difficult but they are lots of fun to make.

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Cake by Kris G., Trafford, PA

Barbie Cake Picture

I used an 18 inch wedding round cake pan for the bottom which took four cake mixes. Then I used the Pampered Chef glass mixing bowl to make the skirt. When both cakes where baked and cool I took the cardboard out of a roll of paper towels and pushed it into the middle of both of the cakes. Measured up to the Barbie’s waist then slid the Barbie into the paper towel holder then into the cake. This helps to stabilize Barbie more.

Then I iced the bottom of the cake with white icing and applied pink around the edges. I made Barbie’s dress pink. I took flowers from a craft store and put them at the bottom of the cake all the way around. I added a couple purple roses to the back and put happy birthday on the cake and my niece was so delighted! Everyone that came to the birthday party was amazed. And I think I am going to have to make a few more Barbie cakes now.

Cake by Patti E., Painesville, Ohio

Barbie Cake Picture

I made these Barbie cakes (which are actually bride doll cakes) with the Wilton Wonder Mold pan. I used graduated sizes of star tips to fill in the dress and bodice of the cake. I gathered lace and silk flowers for her veil and her bouquet. I used a strand of pearls for her necklace. She won a blue ribbon at the Lake County Fair . I have made several similar Barbie cakes for girls’ birthdays. Barbie cakes are a little time consuming, but worth it.

I used white decorator icing. It’s basically made with shortening and powdered sugar. I don’t care for the stronger butter flavor. I add a little meringue powder for substance.

Cake by Jennifer K., Joplin, MO

Barbie Cake Picture

I made this cake for my friends’ 2-year-old daughter. She likes blue so I tried to incorporate it in a feminine way. I made the white roses in her hair and bouquet out of gum paste, as well as the bodice of her dress. Its so fun to design these little dolls. I used a Wilton Wonder mold.

Barbie Cake Picture

Cake by Cathy M., Sumter, SC

Barbie Cake Picture

For this Barbie cake, I used the Wilton Barbie cakes pan. It is very important to make sure this cake is level at the bottom. I always put her hair in a clip while decorating her top. Then you can put it down or do whatever you want with it.

Cake by Tamara M., Waukomis, OK

Barbie Cake Picture

Cake by MaryKay C., Kiev, Ukraine

Barbie Cake Picture

We had a “Barbie Fashion Princess Party” for my daughter’s 6th. This description is similar to the many descriptions for Barbie cakes you can find on line.

I stuck a complete (clean) Barbie down into the cake. I then unmolded the cake onto a glass pedestal cake plate, to make it more “glamorous”. This cake has both a bowl mold cake AND one 8″ round – to give length to the skirt (and accommodate Barbie’s legs).

After piping in stars and ruffles, I placed sugar sprinkle stars for the “pattern” of skirt. Barbie is holding a cardboard box present taken from a real “Birthday Barbie” set.

Cake by Belinda M., Bronx, NY

Barbie Cake Picture

Cake by Janet Y., Winnipeg, Canada

Barbie Cake Picture

I used a doll pan on top of an oval cake. I used marshmallow dough to cover the skirt and buttercream on the rest. I Inserted the small umbrella and she looked so summery!

The 3 year old little girl loved it!

Cake by Beth W., Newport, RI

Barbie Cake Picture

Every little girl loves these types of Barbie cakes! My niece Lylah loved this one. First I took her shopping to pick out her doll. (The doll should always be brand new of course! And then you can give her the doll as part of her birthday present!) Wilton sells a cake pan specifically designed for these Barbie cakes. Or you can use an oven safe bowl to bake the cake in. Invert the bowl cake onto the board you are using. I used a ruffled round board, found at cake supply stores.

To make Barbie cakes extra special, first frost the cake with pink buttercream. Then cover the butter cream with pink fondant, letting it drape nicely and even giving her gown a train in the back. Once you have the fondant the way you like it, you can trim the bottom of excess. So be sure to use a very large piece. I used the excess that I trimmed off to create Barbie’s bodice. It stuck right to the doll nicely. I felt like quite the fashion designer!

I used a tiny star tip of light pink buttercream to create her dress straps, and even her hair accessories and earrings.

Wrap Barbie’s legs tightly with Saran Wrap and gently stick her into the fondant-covered cake. You can always use frosting to build up her waist as necessary.

I made tiny cake “birthday gifts” out of petits fors, decorating them to match Barbie’s dress. To make Barbie’s dress appear shiny, I took a new paint brush and lightly dipped it in water, and painted her gown. This will make Barbie cakes look like Barbie is wearing a pink satin gown!

Cake by Kristy W., Salt Lake City, UT

Barbie Cake Picture

Barbie cakes are fun to make! I used the Wilton Wonder Mold for this cake. I used two pink cake mixes and filled the mold about 2/3 full. Cool the cake completely before frosting!

After the cake was baked and cooled completely, I rolled out one 24 oz package of fondant. (I colored it pink first) I rolled it about 1/8 inch thick and then cut it into a circle that was about four inches in diameter bigger than the diameter of the bottom of the cake. I picked up the circle of fondant and draped it over the cake, arranging the folds of the skirt until I thought it looked pretty.

For the Barbie cakes put the craft doll (which came with the cake mold) into the cake and mold the bodice of the dress out of the remaining fondant.

Then came the fun part, deciding how to decorate the skirt of the dress. As you can see, I used white frosting (just the ready made Betty Crocker brand) and my cake decorating set. I used the star tip to make the flowers and the writing tip to make the earrings and dots and squiggles on the dress. I also piped a pink frosting starflower in her hair.

Presto, I was done! My 3-year-old daughter loved this cake so much that she wanted to sleep with it during naptime! Have fun making your own Barbie cakes!

Cake by Sheldon R., Gowanda, NY

Barbie Cake Picture

For my four-year-old daughter’s birthday, I asked what kind of cake she wanted. She told me she wanted a princess cake. I had seen Barbie cakes made with a Barbie doll and decided I could do the same, but with a princess theme.

I used a 1 1/2 quart Pyrex bowl for the skirt shape and an eight-inch round for the base. I didn’t know at the time that you could get Barbie toppers with a stick in, so I bought a doll and took the legs off.

The cake is a yellow citrus cake with a lemon filling. I base coated the cake with plain butter cream frosting, thinned with milk and tinted pink, then frosted and decorated it with several tips and a 9″ decorating bag.

Barbie Cake Picture

I used part of an old necklace and some tin foil to make a crown and necklace for the doll. The “runway” is one round and one rectangle cake board taped together and covered with foil, then decorated with left over frosting. These types of Barbie cakes are fun for everyone.