My sister-in-law insisted she wanted a Barbie doll cake for my little cousin on her 1 year birthday. I agreed because I like trying my hands on new things. I went to the baker shop, bought a cone cake pan (it looks like a funnel with 1 closed end)  and a Barbie doll shaped head. I made a sponge cake;  flour 500g, butter 500g, sugar 250g, egg 500g, baking powder 3tsp, vanilla flavor 3tsp.

When the cake had cooled, I decorated with butter icing using the star tip #16. I actually didn’t have a particular design in mind. All I knew was that I wanted to make use of colors, cream and baby pink but immediately I filled my icing pump and started piping. Everything just fell in place. Everybody was so amazed and excited when they saw the cake.