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Beer Cooler Birthday Cake for a 21st Birthday Party

I was asked to make a 21st Birthday cake for my son’s friend.  He wanted me to somehow use beer bottles in the cake idea.  Between him and I we came up with a cooler filled with beer.  We tried to also make jello shooters (with Vodka) but they did not get hard enough to represint ice cubes so they look more like water in the cooler.  The girl the cake was for wanted a multi-colored cake so each layer in the cake is a different color.  I used Betty Crocker butter reciepe cakes because that is my son’s favorite.  When I made each cake mix I put food color in it to make the different colored layers.  I made 4 sheet cakes frostinged each one and lay them on top of each other.  On the top one I cut a square in the top to make the opening of the cooler.  I used the smaller 8oz bottles of beer because the cooler was not normal size.  I used buttercreme frosting to cover the intire cake.  I used a champaigne glass to make holes for the beer bottles and whala! A 21st birthday cooler cake.

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