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Coolest Bucket ‘O’ Beer Cake

I made 3 round layers using almost 6 carrot cake mixes for this Bucket ‘O’ Beer cake . I put 4 dowels in for stability, and used cream cheese frosting between the layers. On the outside edge I crumbled some leftover cake and mixed it with frosting, then used this around the outside edge to fill in all the gaps between the layers and give it a smoother surface for the fondant to sit on. I covered the outside edge with strips of chocolate fondant.

The bottles and ice are made out of sugar. I basically Googled “making sugar beer bottles” and “making a mold for sugar beer bottles” that gave me all the information I needed! There was even you tube video’s to follow! I made the bottles with a 50/50 mix of corn syrup and sugar, once boiled I added green food coloring. For the ice cubes I used Isomalt as this stays clear (not yellow) when boiled, to make them look shiny my husband used a blowtorch on them, lol. The mold I used for the ice was a silicone cake pop mold! (just filled about half full).

It was a really fun project as I employed my hubby as an assistant!! Made for some good laughs. Our son, who turned 21, absolutely loved the cake as did all his friends. It was the first time I have tried sugar bottles etc. I will definitely do it again, really enjoyed it and loved the effect.

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