Coolest Homemade Cowgirl Birthday Cake Tutorial

Coolest Cowgirl Birthday Cake

My friend asked me to make this cowgirl birthday cake for her daughter’s 6th birthday. Actually, she asks me to make a cake for her daughter’s birthday every year since I love doing it and she hates it. So, for her 6th birthday, her daughter had a cowgirl party and wanted a chocolate raspberry cake … Read more

Cool DIY 21st Birthday Cake Idea

21st Birthday Cake Idea

I was asked to make a 21st birthday cake for a young man. I was told he loves his bed and computers. First, I covered the cake board in a black and white marble effect and set aside. Then, I baked the cake. I baked three oblong sponge cakes and left to cool before crumb … Read more

Cool Snoopy Cake with a Little Woodstock

Snoopy cake

This cake was my first Snoopy cake made for a friend’s daughter who loves Snoopy. I covered a 12” cake board in green fondant and set aside to dry out. For the cake, I baked 4 oblong cakes filled with buttercream and jam. Before crumb coating, I shaped the top for the roof and only … Read more

Cool DIY Spiderman Theme Cake for an 18 Year Old

Spider-Man cake

I love cake making. When I was asked to make a Spiderman theme cake, I was so excited to start. This cake was made for my friend’s grandson whom I remember playing cars with when he was a baby (how time flies), so I really wanted to do it good. I had to make the … Read more

Monster High Topsy Turvy Cake for My Monster

Monster High Cake for My Monster

I never knew I would have this talent, but I do now. And I absolutely love it. I made this Monster High cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday. I put pieces of what she like together. I sculpted the sugar skull and hand-painted it. This cake was my first topsy turvy cake. My daughter’s reaction … Read more

Cool Homemade Wedding Cake

Awesome Wedding Cake

I made this wedding cake for my brother’s wedding.  His wife said I just want it square and purple and turquoise other than that surprise me.  So I decided to do the layers offset and added the ribbon on bottom and hand did the decorations on top.  The layers I also added sixlets candies.   … Read more

Surprise Catch Fishing Theme Cake

Surprise Catch Cake

I was asked to make a cake with a fishing theme for my friends dad. As I don’t know anything at all about fishing I had a good look online for idea’s. I finally decided on a chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in chocolate. I coloured some icing green for the grass and … Read more

Out of this World Alien Piñata Cake

MERGE: Out of this World Alien Pinata Cake

This was my husband’s first solo foray into birthday cake making for our kids – now he shows EVERYONE a photo. He started by making a white chocolate shell (melting choc and swirling around the inside of a greased pudding tin and freezing – 3 layers on top of each other). This would serve as … Read more

Cool 3D Princess Poppy Cake

3D Princess Poppy Cake

I made this Princess Poppy Cake for my granddaughter Isabella’s 3rd birthday. When she was born she was not able to leave the hospital for 3 months because she was born with a life threatening condition called congenital diaphragmatic hernia. So basically she was born with a hole in her diaphragm where her intestines creep … Read more

Cool Monster Book of Monsters Cake

The Monster Cake of Monsters

My daughter and I had an absolute blast making this Monster Book of Monsters cake together for her 17th birthday! Making this cake with my daughter was an absolute blast! Im not a huge fan of fondant so we didn’t go that route. We used 2 chocolate cakes and doubled them up, buttercream frosting and … Read more

Coolest Dr Seuss The Lorax Birthday Cake

My granddaughter is obsessed with the Lorax. When she comes to visit me, she goes straight to the computer, looks for the N for Netflix, clicks, and then scrolls down until she finds her movie. We knew no other cake would do. So I set out to make a simple Lorax birthday cake, just never … Read more

Coolest Disney Pixar UP House Cake Tutorial

Coolest Up House Cake Tutorial

I put so much time into this cake that I’m glad to share my UP house cake tutorial to save you some time. I spend all of my time creating cakes for my customers, friends and family, so I knew my wedding cake had to be something special. Me and my partner love the film … Read more