Cool Monster Book of Monsters Cake

My daughter and I had an absolute blast making this Monster Book of Monsters cake together for her 17th birthday!

Making this cake with my daughter was an absolute blast! Im not a huge fan of fondant so we didn’t go that route. We used 2 chocolate cakes and doubled them up, buttercream frosting and chocolate buttercream frosting. We put the buttercream in between the cakes and around all the sides, this will look like the pages to the book. Also spread a little on top of the Cake.

Making the Fur for the Monster Book of Monsters Cake

To make the fur, I found the tip #233 “sunny side up bakery” brand at Hobby Lobby and it was perfect! We used a strawberry fruit roll up to cut out the tongue :) and found some pineapple sugar candies for the eyeballs.

We just popped the green top off and used a toothpick to fill in the dark eyes with chocolate buttercream. The yellow eyes looked great!! We really made this simple and so much fun! It’s July right now and difficult to find monster teeth so we made them out of strawberry airheads and white taffy. It did get a little sticky but I used a small amount of confectioners sugar (powdered sugar) and it helped just fine.

I did add some chocolate buttercream to the white – this made me a dark brown batch along with a light brown batch and really made the fur look Awesome! I then added some yellow food coloring to what I had left of the buttercream frosting and used that the write “The Monster Book of Monsters” 

So much fun with this Monster Book of Monsters cake and it was so delicious! Keep in mind that this is a “Monster” Lol – so if there are some imperfections, it may look better. ;) 

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