12 Cool Homemade Alligator Cake Ideas

Alligator Cake

For this alligator cake I began by mixing and baking one sheet cake and two 8″ rounds. I refrigerated them over night. I leveled the two rounds with a cake leveler and spread a strawberry filling in the middle. Next I sculpted the gator head from the sheet cake. I cut an oval shape and … Read more

3 Cool DIY Turtle Cakes

Coolest Turtle Cakes Photo Gallery

After making a pirate ship for my grandson’s eighth birthday, my granddaughter asked me to make her a turtle cake for her 13th birthday. Having a little success with the pirate ship I decided to take on the challenge. Again I searched the internet for other turtle cakes and then put together my idea for … Read more

Cool DIY Solar System Cakes and Lots of Unique Birthday Cakes

Unique Birthday Cakes Photo Gallery and How-To Tips

My son decided on a Space theme for his seventh birthday. For his cake he wanted the solar system including a couple dwarf planets. He always seems to want unique birthday cakes for his birthdays. I used a Pyrex bowl for the Sun cake (which was cherry). I baked a loaf cake and used it … Read more

Coolest DIY Super Mario Brother Cakes

Coolest Super Mario Brother Cakes on the Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Gallery

My nephew is a huge Super Mario brother fan! He wanted one for his birthday and we did research looking at cakes online for ideas for weeks! We found one that was made out of icing that we liked and we transformed it into a fondant cake (which my mom and I are learning to … Read more

Coolest Slot Machine Cakes and Lots of Special Occasion Cakes

Coolest Special Occasion Cakes

This is one of those special occasion cakes. It took me five hours to do all the detailing with the fondant. All I knew was I needed a slot machine for my co-worker’s mom’s 60th birthday so I cut two rectangle cakes and staked them together until it looked like a slot machine. I then … Read more

Cool Homemade Sesame Street Character Cakes

Coolest Sesame Street Character Cakes and How-to Tips

I love Ernie so this year for my 23rd birthday party I needed to make a large Sesame street character cake that would feed 100 people. The body was made in a turkey basting pan, the head from a regular round cake pan and then the arms, feet, nose and hair where cut from a … Read more

4 Cool DIY Monkey Cakes

Coolest Monkey Cakes

My daughter loves monkeys and for her 11th birthday we chose this monkey cake idea. We used the Wilton Animal Crackers pan. This pan looks like a bear. We cut the ears off and moved them lower on the side of the face. The rest was pretty simple. We drew an outline for the monkey’s … Read more

Cool Homemade Monkey Cupcakes

Coolest Monkey Cupcakes - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

My husband and I decided to do a Curious George theme for our son’s first birthday party. I found the idea of monkey cupcakes on this site. I used a yellow cake mix and canned chocolate frosting for the cupcakes. To decorate them we chose M&Ms for eyes, mini fudge stripes sliced in half for … Read more

12 Cool DIY Monkey Face and 3D Cakes

Coolest Monkey Face Cake Photos - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

Since my 2 year old is a little monkey we decided to do a monkey themed party this year. We did yellow card stock banana invitations and decorated the house with green streamers (our jungle vines) and stuffed monkeys that were flying around everywhere. I served the Monkey face cake with banana splits. It was … Read more

Cool Homemade Lion Picture and 3D Cakes

Coolest Lion Picture Cakes and Lion Cake Ideas

I got the idea from this website for a lion picture and made a few changes. I used a 16″ cake for the base and a 10″ cake for the lion’s face. I just cut out wedges for the mane and then I looked at a picture from “The Lion King” and copied the face. … Read more

Coolest Lightning McQueen Cakes

Coolest Lightning McQueen Cakes

I browsed this site for Lightning McQueen cakes and finally decided to use a character shaped pan. It was a devils food cake and Wiltons decorator frosting (tweaked with my secret ingredients). I looked at other Lightning McQueen cakes as a model. Another Lightning McQueen Cake Cake by Nisa S., Sierra Vista, AZ Well basically … Read more

Really Gross Kitty Litter Cake Ideas

Coolest Kitty Litter Cake Photos

I used a chocolate cake crumbled into fist size pieces for this kitty litter cake and put into a new clean litter pan. Buttercream frosting tinted gray with a little chocolate. Nilla wafers crumbled on top like litter. Tootsie rolls melted in microwave for just a few seconds form rolls to appear as polo. Add … Read more