Coolest Olaf Birthday Cake from the Movie Frozen


Who doesn’t love the movie Frozen? From the incredible songs and voices to the amazingly funny quirky Olaf, what’s not to love? I made this cake for the granddaughter of one of my dear friends. Her granddaughter has autism so I knew it was going to be a situation where this cake needed to be … Read more

Unicorn? Pegasus? No! It’s an Alicorn Birthday Cake!


Many people mistake the alicorn for a unicorn or a pegasus. The alicorn is in fact its own amazing mythical creature. It has the horn of the unicorn and the wings of the pegasus. I had seen a lot of unicorn cakes like this one floating around the Internet but adding the wings just made … Read more

Riddikulusly Cool Harry Potter Birthday Cake


The Harry Potter series has always been one of my very favorites! I was extremely excited when my cousin asked me to make this for her daughter’s 19th birthday. That’s why it says volume 19 on the spell book. The cake was made out of rice krispies and fondant. Surprisingly it was the very 1st … Read more

Cool Homemade 30 Pound Strawberry “Not So Short” Cake


This is one of the taller tiered cakes I have made, and one of my favorites. It also has multi layers of fondant that helps give it a dimensional look. The cake flavor was of course, strawberry and vanilla! I used fresh strawberries diced up, strawberry jam, and the secret ingredient that I will tell … Read more

The Quarantine Birthday Cake – Toilet Paper Roll Cake!

Toilet Paper Cake

Once the country started to shut down, people for whatever reason decide that toilet paper would be the “hot commodity”! Even though I would never use this roll of TP in the bathroom, it’s very appropriate for the kitchen! We had to take advantage of this trend to help people smile during this crazy time … Read more

Coolest Homemade Grand Piano Cake (That Almost Bombed!)

Mozart Piano Cake

I made this cake for my friend’s 40th birthday! My friends grandest wish is to someday own his own grand piano, unfortunately the best I could do was make one (on a much smaller scale). This was my friends first real birthday party since he was a kid and I wanted to make it super special. … Read more

Coolest Two-in-One Christmas Cake

2 in 1 Christmas Cake

I decorated  this Christmas cake for the last year holiday season. A rich fruit cake made by my English aunt was the base for the two options of this cake. I covered the top with royal icing -for the snowed scenery- and stuck a fence and some decorative christmas trees near the edges. Then I … Read more

Marvel Madness Venom and Spiderman Cake

Marvel Madness Spiderman Venom Cake

This Venom and Spiderman cake was a delight to make.  I used the structural directions from Sugar Geek Show with the flange and plastic pipes.  I cut out of wood and hand painted a sewer hole.  Then I built the square cake sheets on top (double barrel style). The whole cake was covered in Ganache … Read more

Cool Stacked Ninja Turtle Cake

Ninja Turtle Tier Cake

My oldest wanted a Ninja Turtle party for is 9th birthday.   I made each cake and stacked them the morning of the party.  I did end up looking like a leaning tower despite my best efforts.  And I did miss covering some of the cake with frosting after I stacked them, but my son still … Read more

Fresh Purple Yam Chiffon Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake for men

This is a special request from my best friend whose brother turns 48th years old. My friend and I both wanted a cake that is made of fresh purple yam (which you can get at some oriental store) so, I made a cake called Purple Yam Chiffon cake. For the purple yam, I steamed it … Read more

Coolest Shark Breach Cake

Shark Breach Cake

This is my oldest son’s 8th birthday cake.  We had a shark themed party.  He wanted a 3-D shark cake. I did about four test cakes on this one.  I was wanting to make a shark’s head with its mouth open. (I have included a pic of the test cake)  I made this same cake … Read more

Coolest Sonic Cake

Coolest Cake Designs for Kids Birthdays

I received an order for a sonic themed birthday cake for a little boy. Knowing that I always do some sort of character themed cake for this person I hunted the internet. Finally finding a sonic head cake I decided to do this cake. I made three 9″ round cakes. Two of them would be … Read more

Awesome CV-22 Osprey Cake

CV22 Osprey

This CV-22 Osprey cake is three feet long and almost 55 pounds. It was a giant cake made for the military. It took 2 people to move it and was a 1/20th scale replica with a wood and pvc skeleton, scaling all the dimensions from the actual plane. I used rice cereal treats  for bottom 2 inches, and 6 … Read more

Awesome Thomas the Train Tunnel Cake

THOMAS tunnel cake

My 3 year old wanted a Thomas the Tank Engine cake with a tunnel.  He also wanted a green cake! To make his cake I used two batches of simple buttercake mix and coloured each batch pale green. One cake was in a 25cm round springform and the top cake was a 20cm springform. I … Read more

Coolest New Born Baby Unicorn Cake

New born baby Unicorn

This unicorn cake was made for a friends little girl first birthday. It was a mystery on how I was going to make it. I decided to use a Easter egg cake mold for the. Body and head. Had to made a platform with dowels to support the head. I covered it with a crumb … Read more

Awesome Taco Cake!

Awesom Taco Cake!

This taco cake was fun to make and not particularly difficult!  I baked a round cake, cut it in half and stacked with buttercream icing. Meanwhile, I tinted fondant a yellow/brown/orange to match the color of a corn tortilla.  I also added some Oreo cookie crumbs to the fondant to add to the corn tortilla … Read more

Solar System Cake without Food Coloring

Solar System Cake

My daughter loves everything related to the space, so she decided her birthday theme would be the space, with a Solar System cake. We reviewed lots of space cakes’ pictures, and researched the planets – colors, sizes, ratio between them… I baked a circle shaped cake, covered it with chocolate and drew the orbit of the … Read more

Coolest Orchid Cake – Handmade Flowers!

Coolest Orchid Cake--Tropical Delight

My friend wanted a cake for an aunt who loves tropical flowers. Can I do orchids? Oh yes, and those big orange ones—birds of paradise flowers? Sure!! Thank goodness for YouTube! After watching a bunch of videos, picking up one hint here, another there, and the general principles from all over, I bought three sets … Read more

Pretty 3-Tier Cake for 18th Birthday

Cake for 18th Birthday

A year before my friend’s daughter’s 18th birthday, she ask me to make the cake for the party. It is a tradition for Filipinos to throw a big party when girls turned 18 years old and we called it a “Debut”. The themed color was purple/lilac. I am a home baker and bakes cake as … Read more

Last Minute Bowling Ball Cake

Last Minute Bowling Ball Cake

Bowling Ball and Pins Cake. ” I don’t  mean to rush you but hurry”. I had to laugh as the person ordering and organizing this bowling alley party was a friend from our graduate school days. So couldn’t say no. No ball pan, no worries. Two stainless steel same sized bowls, bakers spray and I … Read more

Anti-Gravity Cereal Birthday Cake!

Anti-Gravity Cereal Birthday Cake!

Following a video tutorial on “How to Cake It,“ I baked a white cake in a large Pyrex measuring bowl and covered it with a buttercream crumb coat. I covered the cake with a tinted fondant to produce the bowl. I also covered the top with a thin layer of white fondant to provide a … Read more