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Coolest Spider Cake Designs for Kids Birthdays

This cake was made for my neighbor’s son’s four years old birthday. He had a Halloween themed party. I checked out other cake designs for kids birthdays and came up with the idea for this spider. There were far too many guests to be served by just my two tiered cake so I added in 24 cupcakes.

The cake is a 10in and 8in tiered butter cake with my family’s buttercream frosting recipe (as are the cupcakes). The big spider on top of the cake is made from Rice Krispie Treats molded and refrigerated to shape the body and head then licorice was used as the legs.

I made the border of the cake to look like pumpkins which then coordinated with the pumpkin cupcakes.

More Spider Cake Designs for Kids Birthdays

Cake designs for kids birthday by Eileen S., Old Bridge, NJ

Spider Cake

I used a round cake pan, iced the cake white and used chocolate icing for the web. For the spider I have a sports ball cake pan that has a small dome. I iced the spider in chocolate icing, M&M’s for eyes and black string licorice for legs.

I copied this from cake designs for kids birthdays on your site.


Cake designs for kids birthday by Faith B., Tucson, AZ

Spider Cake

I searched for cake designs for kids birthdays and found this spider cake. I made the head and body with a regular cake mix cooked in two Pyrex bowls (one small one medium).

Wilton butter cream frosting (1 recipe) tinted 2 colors of green. The legs are black licorice strips (like twizzlers) and the eyes and knees are dots candy.

Cake designs for kids birthday by Lesley Y., Brisbane, Queensland

Spider Cake

I made this cake for my son’s 7th birthday. We had a low key barbeque dinner for it. These cake designs for kids birthdays is easy to prepare and the boys all loved it.

I used a 340g cake mix which was divided into 2x 8x25cm tins. It is baked in a moderate oven for about 25 minutes. One cake needs to be cut about 5cm or so from one end and placed at the end of the uncut cake then the cut slice is placed horizontally to that piece to make the number 7. It is iced with a basic butter cream.

The spiders are mini chocolate crackles that have skittle eyes attached to them with some icing. The legs are made from chenille sticks. Take 4 x 15cm chenille sticks and twist to make the spiders legs. Bend the ends to make the spiders legs. Place chenille sticks on cake top with choc crackle spiders place eyes on and dot small eyeballs on skittles (I used purchased decorating gel).

CHOC CRACKLE RECIPE: 1 cup rice bubbles, 1 cup shredded coconut, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tbsp icing sugar mixture, 100g dark choc melted, 30g butter melted. COMBINE all dry ingredients in medium bowl. Mix in choc and butter. Spoon tablespoons of mix into greased mini muffin tins and refrigerate for about an hour.

Cake designs for kids birthday by Julie P., Australia

Spider Cake

I baked a round cake and covered it with brown sugar paste icing, licorice for legs with a blob of icing on the end, white sugar paste icing for eyes and colored the white icing pink for mouth. The spider should have been black but can not find black icing dye. This was my idea of cake designs for kids birthdays and the kids loved it.

Cake designs for kids birthday by Robin S., Hudson, MA

Spider Cake

Baked chocolate cupcakes. Frosted with dark chocolate frosting then covered with chocolate sprinkles. Used marshmallows for the whites of the eyes and m&m’s for the nose and pupils. Use red licorice laces for the legs. This was a bit time consuming but very fun and everyone loved our cake designs for kids birthdays.

Cake designs for kids birthday by Jennifer L., Gadsden, TN

Spider Cake

My daughter’s kindergarten class had a bake sale at their Fall Fest. This is a two layer round chocolate cake with buttercream icing. I was just playing around with a Halloween theme, and thought the spider turned out cute.

Cake designs for kids birthday by Kerry G., Waikato, New Zealand

Spider Cake

I made this cake for my sons 5th birthday; It is made out of rice bubble crackle. 1-tablespoon butter and 1 mars bar melted. Add 1-cup rice bubbles mix, you can make the mixture as big as you like by repeating again and again.

I then molded a body and head, and legs I used large toothpicks to hold legs together. You need to work fast and with wet hands, I put Jaffas and Smarties on the back and Jaffas for eyes and licorice for eyebrows, the web is made of wool.

Cake designs for kids birthday by Samantha J., Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Spider Cake

I made this cake for my son’s 6th birthday. I used a chocolate zucchini cake mix and baked it. Then for the body of the spider I lined a stainless steel bowl with plastic wrap and layered chocolate cake and frosting into it until the bowl was full. Then turned it over onto the cake board to form the body shape of the spider.

For the head I made just a basic muffin. I covered the muffin and the cake body with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Then used extra large black pipe cleaners to bend them into leg shapes. I placed these between the head and the body. Two ball shaped lollies as eyes and for the fangs I carved two plain biscuits into the shapes. I then covered the biscuit fangs with red icing.

I used a cake jelly icing tube to make the stripe down its back. The little spiders around the cake are made from Chinese fried noodles that are coated with melted chocolate. Dropped on to a tray to set into little mounds with rainbow chocolate chip eyes. Then let them set., The cake was a great success. We had it in the park and everyone wanted a piece of that giant spider!

Cake designs for kids birthday by Michelle A., Hampstead, NH

Spider Cake

Quick Spider cake; used doll pan cake for body and cupcake for head, star tip Chocolate frosting covers most of the body and head, purple frosting for spots on the spider, I pulled the star tip long to give a hairy textured appearance on the top and center of the spider, the legs are bent twisted pipe cleaners, white frosting secures the eyes which are orange runt candies. Teeth are cut pieces of white chocolate.

Spider Cake

Cake designs for kids birthday by Ashley R., Moscow, ID

Spider Cake

I made this cake for a costume contest. It is very easy to make. The bottom layer is a large round cake pan. The head of the spider is half of the round ball pan from Wilton . I spread icing on the flat part of the ball before placing it on the round cake. Be sure to put it close to one side.

I added cocoa to white frosting to make it brown. To make the spider look “hairy”, I spread the frosting on and then used the tip of the knife and pushed it on the frosting and then pulled up. The eyes are white gumballs with a spot of frosting. You can also use a chocolate chip for the eye. You can use a gumdrop for the nose. The legs are black licorice and the feet are marshmallow cookies.

Cake designs for kids birthday by Angela N., Singapore

Spider Cake

This spider cake was requested by a boy on the eve of Halloween. So, I decided to make it look spooky. The body was half of a sports ball mould; the head was shaped from a 7″ cake. The legs were twisted licorice candy, attached to the cake board using a little royal icing. Around the spider, I added gummy worms wrapped up in a “cocoon”. It was very well received.