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Coolest Halloween Spider Cake

I made the easy Halloween Spider Cake for my son’s Halloween party. Here are the instructions:

1. Bake a cake in a large half round metal bowl.

2. Reserve a small amount of batter, and bake that in a smaller bowl that will create the head shape (I used a Fiestaware tea cup). Keep in mind that the cake in the small container will bake faster, and the cake in the large bowl may bake more slowly than your recipe indicates, so check for doneness from time to time.

3. When the cakes are bakes and cooled, remove them from the bowls.

4. Slice the rounded tops off of the cakes so you have a flat layer to work with, and your cakes will sit flat.

5. Place the large cake, flat side down on your serving tray. Frost the cake with chocolate icing. This is the spider’s body.

6. Place the smaller cake on the larger cake to form the head of the spider. Frost the spider’s head with chocolate icing.

7. Sprinkle chocolate sprinkles all over the cake to give your spider a ‘hairy’ look.

8. Melt some chocolate wafers (the kind you use when making chocolates in molds).

9. Break 8 pieces of licorice (the thick kind, not the shoelace kind) in half. Dunk each piece of licorice in the melted chocolate so it is fully coated, and allow the chocolate covered licorice to dry on a piece of waxed paper.

10. When the chocolate is dry, flip the licorice over. Lay two pieces on the waxed paper so they for a V shape (these will be the legs). Do the same with the rest of the chocolate covered licorice. You will have 8 V shapes.

11. Drizzle melted chocolate over any part of the licorice that is not covered in chocolate. Then drizzle extra chocolate at the point in the V where the two pieces of licorice touch. This will “glue” the top and bottom of the legs together and form a bit of a knobbly knee.

12. Allow the melted chocolate to dry. Flip the spider’s legs over, and, I you think you the leg joins need a little extra reinforcement, add a little extra melted chocolate to the knees.

13. Arrange the spider’s legs around the body by pushing on end of each leg into the body. You may need to trim some of the legs to get them to sit exactly the way you want.

14. Use whatever you like to create eyes for your spider cake. I used 2 white chocolate wafers, and I drizzled a little bit of brown chocolate to form the pupil. Use a bit of icing to attach the eyes to the spider’s head.

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