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Coolest Army Scene Birthday Cake Decorating and Designs

We went with an Army theme for my son’s 3rd birthday this year. My husband was a helicopter pilot in the Army so my son is fascinated with that. I got the idea for the cake as I was searching for cake decorating and designs for Army-themed parties. There was a picture of a similar cake in one of the catalogs but the only thing they sold were the cake toppers which were the Army men on top. So I improvised and this is what I came up with.

Because my son loves ice cream I did this with an ice cream cake though it would work much better with a regular cake. I used fondant for the flat surface and for the camouflage cutouts. It’s the texture of play dough so it’s fairly easy to work with. You use confectioner sugar to keep it from getting too sticky. I kneaded Army green food coloring in the largest pile to make a green foundation and that layer went on the entire cake. It sticks to the butter cream icing and you just cut the excess off.

I then kneaded together 3 camouflage colors (black, tan and dark green) and cut out the camouflage pieces. Using a damp paper towel (with water) I moistened one side of the camouflage pieces and stuck them onto the green fondant foundation. I also wiped any excess confectioner sugar off the “visible” side. (Don’t use too much water for this or the fondant becomes too sticky).

Then I used cinnamon sugar for the “sand” on top and put a toy tank and Army men on top for the “scene”. This went well with the Army invites (We want you!). All the kids wore camouflage and we had games planned like “Sergeant Says”. The favors were fun – Army, paratrooper’s, planes, tattoos and dog tags. I also went to the Army recruiters and they gave me bumper stickers and pencils.

Thanks to this website for excellent cake decorating and designs, we had lots of fun and one I’m sure we will do again!

More Army Scene Cakes

Army cake by Laura Parsons, Toronto, Canada

Army Scene Cake Decorating and Designs

I always make “theme” cakes for my son’s birthday. I love cake decorating and designs. They are always a big hit and very easy to make.

I usually use a boxed cake mix and use the cake as a canvas. For this cake I placed 2 cakes side by side. I used white icing mixed with different icing colors. The rocks are candy and the bridge is made from licorice. The bullets are silver dragees. The army men vehicles and buildings are a dollar store variety. This cake was a huge hit with both children and adults alike.

Army Scene Cake Decorating and Designs

Army cake by Cherry L., Fort Riley, KS

Army Scene Cake Decorating and Designs

My husband is in the US Army and our son just idolizes him so for his 8th birthday party he wanted an army cake. We were having a huge party so the cake decorating and designs needed to be a good size.

I baked 2 large sheet cakes. I made butter cream icing. I bought army men and vehicles from Toys R Us (they have a huge bucket of them for like $5). I made one cake look like grassy terrain and the other like desert terrain and joined them together.

After I had baked one cake and was taking it out of the pan it stuck to the pan in one spot so that’s where I made the water so it would make the flaw look like I did it on purpose.

Army cake by Marie L., Winnetka, CA

Army Scene Cake Decorating and Designs

This is a cupcake cake with an army theme. My son so much enjoyed the cake decoration and designs for this great day.

Army cake by Jennifer D., Houston, TX

Army Scene Cake Decorating and Designs

This was my first homemade birthday cake. The hardest part was trying to get just the right color puke green icing.

The toys were from the dollar store and the dirt trail was the crumb layer off the bottom of the pan with a little bit of chocolate chips mixed in as rocks. He loved it and it tasted so much better than a store bought.

Army Scene Cake Decorating and Designs

Army cake by Rena C., Meriden, KS

Army Scene Cake Decorating and Designs

This is made using a 11x15x2-inch cake pan. There was plenty of room on top for those green army men! It was really simple to make and a favorite for the nine year olds who ate it!

Army cake by Christine, Palm City, FL

Army Scene Cake Decorating and Designs

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