The inspiration for this army tank cake began when my youngest grandson, Wyatt, asked for an ‘army guy cake’ for his birthday. The wheels started turning in my brain. OK, how can I made a cool Army Guy cake? I looked to Coolest Birthday Cakes for ideas, and saw a frosted tank. That gave me the idea of a tank, with the army guys riding on it.

As usual, not having any real ‘cake training’, just a mom and grandma who wants to please my precious babies, I started worrying about how to do it.

Army Tank Cake Instructions

  • I made two 9×13 cakes, and cut in just a bit to have the wheel tracks stick out. In other words, they are not add on pieces to the cake. I cut both ends to give the effect.
  • I cut the same amount off of the second layer so it would fit on top without hanging over the tracks.
  • I covered all but the tracks with chocolate fondant, and made a small round cake for the turret covered in the same fondant.
  • The ‘gun’ was a big pretzel stick covered in chocolate fondant.
  • I used molds for melted chocolate to form the circles and zigzag “tracks” and the stars on the tank.
  • My fondant “people” skills only seem to turn out very cartoony, no matter how hard I try, but it is so much fun making them, and as usual, my husband loves watching them come together. We laugh a lot, and he usually gives them all names.
  • The little rifles they are holding are also just candy molds.

I am always amazed that my cakes turn out at all, and get so excited to see the faces of family and friends. That’s what makes it all worth while.

Needless to say, all the little boys along with all the adults loved this cake. The boys felt funny eating the army guys, but did enjoy the flavor! I hope this can inspire someone to try something new, or just spark an idea.

Thank You to Our Armed Forces

In honor of all service men and women on this Memorial Day, I submit this cake. You are always remembered, prayed for, and are the heros we are proud to honor! You are the “Army Guys” that inspire our little ones to role model after. You are our freedom. Thank you!