Coolest Army Scene Birthday Cake Decorating and Designs

Coolest Birthday Cake Decorating and Designs

We went with an Army theme for my son’s 3rd birthday this year. My husband was a helicopter pilot in the Army so my son is fascinated with that. I got the idea for the cake as I was searching for cake decorating and designs for Army-themed parties. There was a picture of a similar … Read more

Coolest Army Tank 8th Birthday Cake

Coolest Army Tank 8th Birthday Cake

My son wanted an army themed 8th birthday cake. For the base of the cake I used a 13×11 pan. I baked 2 of those and layered them for height, using vanilla. For the tank and hill I used Devil’s food cake, a baseball cake pan, an 8 inch square pan and a 9 inch … Read more

Coolest X-Box One 40th Birthday Cake

Coolest X-Box One 40th Birthday Cake

My husband enjoys playing on his X-Box One, so I decided that that would be his cake theme for his 40th birthday. I baked 3 round chocolate cakes, leveled the tops when cooled, then stacked them with a chocolate ganache and berry jam in between the layers. Next I crumb coated the stack, then piped on … Read more

Army Helmet Cake

Army Helmet Cake

My cousin was leaving for the Army so I made him an army helmet cake. This is a full sheet cake iced and sprayed to look like camouflage. The army hat is rice krispy treats formed into a hat and covered in army green fondant. I made the straps out of fondant and placed them on … Read more

Coolest Army Men on Battlefield Cake

Coolest Army Men on Battlefield Cake

So when you have twins, how do you make sure they both get their own cake?? They decided they wanted army men. So while looking for ideas at toy stores we found a box of tan and green army men with extras like plants and tanks. So I started by making two 11×17 cakes. I cut the … Read more

Coolest Battlefield Birthday Cake Design

Homemade  Battlefield Birthday Cake Design

My wife made a Battlefield Birthday Cake Design for my son’s 7th birthday. Photo enclosed. I was “helping” with the decorating, giving technical advice, etc, and struck upon this idea for one of the cupcakes. It’s a little gross, but then again war is not for the weak of heart! The larger cake was made … Read more

Coolest Camo Cake Design

Homemade Camo Cake Design

I wanted to try to make a camouflage cake for my son’s 8th birthday party and it was actually some of the cakes from THIS SITE that convinced me I might be able to pull it off, even though I’ve never considered myself to be much of a cake decorator! Although some of the batter … Read more

Coolest Army Camo Cake

Homemade Army Camo Cake

I had never done camouflage fondant before, so I researched methods of creating it and decided upon rolling out a base color(military green)then adding small amounts of flesh color, brown and black fondant pieces and rolling them out on top of the base green fondant. I used two 8 inch cake pans and a Pyrex … Read more

Coolest Call of Duty Cake 15

Homemade Call of Duty Cake

I made this Homemade Call of Duty Cake for my nephew Jacob’s birthday. He is always playing the game on his ps3. I bought a couple packs of army men and tanks. The garnade actually works when you squeeze the trigger. And it being an army type cake I had to use dog tags. I … Read more