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Cool Birthday Cake Idea: Alligator in Water

My daughter wanted to have a reptile party for her 8th birthday and her favorite reptile is an alligator. She asked not to use any fondant on the cake. I usually only use homemade butter cream icing on all my cakes. I wanted to make the cake look like it was for a girl so I decided to use big eyelashes and big red lips make her looking like she is going to kiss a frog.

I did make the frog, lips, and eyes out of fondant. My daughter said that was OK  I made a little rock in the back with some cattails popping out (they are made out of cake pops). I know alligators don’t live in beautiful blue water but I thought that would look better than green mucky water. On the back of the gator I put dark green chocolate melts on her back to look like scales. There we go, we got a girl Alligator cake kissing a frog for my daughters party!

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